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Fun Facts about Auburn and Oregon


Auburn - Auburn does NOT have two mascots. The official mascot is a tiger (Siberian). Those not in the know sometimes think the golden eagle is the mascot, probably because the worldwide Auburn Family greeting is "War Eagle!" and magnificent eagles from our Southeastern Raptor Center fly before home football games, a tradition among the most awe-inspiring in college football. Also, the most famous golden eagle, which flew at the Salt Lake City Olympics, is named Tiger. The tiger mascot, however, is not named Eagle...he's Aubie. Got all that?

Oregon - Even though the uniforms have changed, no longer bearing his fighting countenance bursting through the block "O" logo, Donald Duck remains as one of the most recognizable and lovable mascots on the collegiate sports landscape. Before Donald came to Eugene, thanks to the benevolence of Walt Disney, no duck seemed destined to represent the school as its mascot. In fact, during the University's early days, university students re-ferred to themselves as Webfooters.


Auburn- Burnt orange and navy blue.

Oregon- Green and yellow, although the football uniforms have included the use of white, gold, steel and grey.


Recently, an article was written describing the differences between the love of football for Auburn and Oregon!

Auburn -

  • Saying "War Eagle!" is a beloved Auburn Family greeting among our more than 270,000 alumni worldwide. There are several legends of War Eagle, and everyone pretty much picks a favorite.
  • Auburn is the only university with a line item in the budget for cleaning up toilet paper. After each football win, fans roll the live oaks at the historic Toomer's corner entrance to campus.
  • Hey Day: Auburn is known known for its friendliness, and each year a day is dedicated to saying "hey" to each other.
  • Tiger Walk: Referred to by former athletic director David Housel as "the most copied tradition in all of college football," the Tiger Walk is a tradition that began in the early 1960's. Two hours before the kickoff of every home football game, thousands of Auburn fans line Donahue Drive to cheer on the team as they walk from Sewell Hall to Jordan-Hare Stadium. Over the years, the Tiger Walk has become a major part of game-day activities, so much so, that it is listed on the players' game weekend itinerary.
  • Before kick off of each home football game, an eagle circles the stadium, in a tradition loved as much by the opposing team's fans as Auburn's fans. Auburn is home to the Southeastern Raptor Center, which rehabilitates birds of prey.

Oregon -

  • "It never rains at Autzen stadium." It's a tradition for the announcer to call this out sometime during each football game, and students expect it. Despite the fact that Eugene is renowned for its rain, it is a fact that it never rains at Autzen stadium.
  • Usually twice a year, once in fall term and once in spring, the street fair lines the entire stretch of campus on 13th Street. From exceptional Thai food and other dining adventures to plenty of arts and crafts, the street fair is something all students look forward to.

Interesting facts

Auburn - On football Saturdays in Auburn, Jordan-Hare Stadium becomes Alabama's fifth-largest city.

Oregon - The Nike "swoosh" logo was created by a University of Oregon student in 1964.

Auburn - Has six letters in it, beginning with a vowel and ending with an 'n'.

Oregon - Has six letters in it, beginning with a vowel and ending with an 'n'.

Weird laws

Auburn - It is illegal to sell peanuts in Lee County (where Auburn is located) on Wednesdays after sundown. It is also illegal to spit on the floor of a church.

Eugene - It is illegal to carry a child on the running board of a car, or any external part of a car. By law, dishes must drip dry.


Average temperature in summer: Auburn - 90s Eugene - 80s

Average temperature in winter: Auburn - 50s Eugene - 40s

Most surprising fact: Average rainfall: Auburn - 52.9 inches Eugene - 50.9 inches
The difference is, Auburn's tends to fall all at once.

Between the states:

Interesting Facts

Alabama - Rocket science was born here: Alabamians built the rocket that first carried men to the moon.

Oregon - Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.

Famous Foods

Auburn Mayor Bill Ham and Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy will be having a friendly food competition to decide whose local food tastes better!

- Barbecue, pies, cobbler, catfish, blackberries and blueberries.
  • Blackberry is the official state fruit.
  • Pecan is the offical state nut.

    Oregon - Hazelnuts, peppermint, wine, breweries and locally grown organic food.
  • Pear is the official state fruit.
  • Hazelnut is the official state nut.

  • Alabama has the least beer per capita, whereas Oregon has the most beer per capita. Instead, Auburn enjoys Toomer's lemonade, which has been named "the best in the South" by Southern Living magazine.