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Selected War Eagle Moments

What a small world! Accident Forgiveness Tokyo Airport Uniquely Auburn in Italy
Shopping in Bahrain Eiffel Tower Oktoberfest A lost city with Auburn Family
Amongst the Himalayans A heart-felt and inspiring War Eagle 3 lanes and an Auburn Experience A friendly greeting in Verona, Italy.
5k boost in Illinois Puerto Rico cheer War Eagle in line Mission trip in Tanzania
A father's pride A high point on Pike's Peak Horseback in Costa Rica Officer shout out
Help in Tokyo We love NY, and Auburn too In the Hawaiian wilderness A London surprise
Marathon encouragement A War Eagle hug in Missoula, Montana Bo & Family Another split family
An Auburn Mt. Everest meeting Be careful where you say "War Eagle" Tigers in Africa

What a small world!

This past July I attended the Auburn Football Fantasy Camp, and while riding back to the hotel in one of the university vans, I was telling Jim Lawson a story about my sister, Meredith Sutton (a 1981 AU grad). She had been to Wimbledon in England in June of this year and she passed a gentleman wearing an Auburn shirt and she cried out, "War Eagle." The man turned around and yelled, "War Eagle" in reply and then gave my sister a high-five. After telling Jim this story, he immediately turned to me with his eyes wide open and said, "That was me. I was the one who gave your sister a high-five." I then called my sister on my cell and asked her if she remembered the Auburn man at Wimbleton and she said "yes." I then told her "Well, I'm sitting right next to him." To make a long story short, my sister, who lives in Florida, is coming to the Auburn-Florida game and we all plan to get together (Jim, my sister, and I) to tailgate.
Craig Martin DVM
AU 1991

Accident Forgiveness

I have been living in Virginia Beach since graduating in ’87. I have had the “AU” plates on my vehicle since Virginia added us to their list of available college vanity plates several years ago. I was driving with my wife Susan (’87 Virginia Tech) and our 8-month-old son one Sunday afternoon on our way to Home Depot. As I pulled up to the stoplight I thought the car in front of me turning right on red had pulled away. As I looked to the left and eased forward I heard a nice thump as I ran into the back of a Chevy Blazer. My wife gave me a very disgusted look as if to say, “I’m not surprised at all with the way you drive.” I backed up a few feet, got out and walked toward the front of my vehicle while at the same time the woman I hit was walking to the back of her car. Now in Virginia we are required to have front license plates as well as rear. As I approached and started examining the damage the women looked at my tag and then at me and gave me a hearty “War Eagle” as well as a “high five”. She said that her car was fine. I checked with her again to make certain and then we exchanged pleasantries quickly so we could move our cars that were blocking the street. When I got back in my car my wife had the strangest look on her face and asked, “what was that?” From her vantage point I had just rear-ended a women who gets out of her car and gives me a “high five” and I’m back in my car in less than a minute. If that had been a UA graduate I’d still be waiting on my court date. It is great to be an Auburn Tiger even in Virginia!
- Vincent

Tokyo Airport

I was in Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan when I saw an Auburn baseball cap floating in the crowd. I lost it a couple of times but eventually tracked it down outside on the observation platform. I walked up behind the kid wearing it and said "War Eagle." The rest of the people he was with looked at me like I was crazy, but he turned around and said it right back. He said he was an international student, and I'm pretty sure he was just coming back from Camp War Eagle. I'd like to think that I was his first War Eagle, and I'm pretty sure it was one of his farthest from Auburn too.
It's great that we have something like this to unify everyone who is associated with Auburn. It is truly unique.

Uniquely Auburn in Italy

My favorite "Auburn Moment" actually happened when I was a student studying abroad with the School of Architecture. At the time, the program was 3 months long, and we traveled all over Western and Eastern Europe studying art and architecture. While in Venice, Italy I got up early one morning and threw on my Auburn t-shirt and went to an Internet cafe to check my e-mail. I entered the Internet cafe, which was flooded with mostly Italians, and sat by the front window. While intently surfing the computer, I heard the cry...."War Eagle!!!" I immediately looked up and saw two older alumni peering their head into the Internet cafe smiling. I responded with a 'War Eagle' and got up from my computer and went over and introduced myself to them. The couple, probably in their late 60's, was from Virginia and traveling Europe with some friends from back home. Apparently, my orange Auburn shirt caught the eye of the husband as they were passing by the Internet cafe window. We stood there and chatted about traveling and the Auburn family all over the world. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the couple's name. To this day I still get chills when I think about the unique Auburn family and how you can be thousands of miles away in another country and hear those sweet and soothing words...."War Eagle!!!"
That experience had such a huge impact on me that from that day on I have made it a point to go out of my way and shout "War Eagle" when I see another person with Auburn paraphernalia...let others question our greeting to one another, but in the end that is what makes it UNIQUELY AUBURN!!!

Shopping in Bahrain

I am currently on active duty in the U.S. Navy and returned just the past week from a six-month deployment in the Middle East. Throughout the deployment, I endured many changes and new experiences, especially for a guy who grew up in Jasper, AL. The particular moment that I am writing to you about happened to me four months into the deployment, a point where I was really missing home, but at the same time gearing up for my return and the upcoming football season that began immediately before my return. Being halfway around the world, and as far from Auburn as I could be I had to go out and show my true colors of orange and blue as best I could. Therefore, I wore my All Auburn All Orange T-shirt from last season, while in port in the Island country of Bahrain. On the day that I wore my AU T-shirt, I took a shopping trip to the local mall. Walking trough the mall browsing at all the stores, engulfed by Arabic People in traditional Arabic clothing I stood out like a sore thumb... but I didn't care, and it turned out to be a very good thing. While walking past a store and glancing into the shop window I heard "War Eagle!" I looked up and saw a middle-aged American man wearing a suit simply smiling at me. I responded with my own "War Eagle!" In such a random environment and on the other side of the world, it was not what either of us expected to hear, but based on the smile on his face, I think it meant as much to him as it did to me to hear the words we all associate with the place we love, Auburn...HOME!

Eiffel Tower

In June of 2005 I was on the 1st level of the Eiffel Tower waiting for my husband (another Auburn Alum) and my daughters to come down from the upper levels. I was with my in-laws, who are from Spain and don't speak English. I was wearing an Auburn cap. A man walked up and said "War Eagle!" We proceeded with a 10-minute conversation of the great football season, where are you from, and what a small world! After he left, my in-laws were wondering if I knew the man and I explained that no, I didn't know him, but those words "War Eagle" create a bond… be it 10 minutes or a lifetime... for all Auburn fans!


In 1998, my wife (1996 BS in Forestry) and I (1993 BS in Chemical Engineering) were in Germany to visit her parents. We took a trip to Munich where Oktoberfest was going on. Now Oktoberfest is like a giant state fair on steroids. There must have been 250,000 people on the site. My wife was wearing a hat with a big AU on it, and someone in the crowd shouted "War Eagle". We never saw who it was, but we sent them a loud "War Eagle" back.
War Eagle!!!

A lost city with Auburn Family

I am a '65 graduate and my wife is a '66. My brother, daughter and son-in-law are all Auburn folks. We call ourselves an Auburn family. This of course extends to the world Auburn family. My moment was on a trip to Peru to visit family living and working there. My wife, Fran and I decided to go off on our own to visit the town of Cusco in the high Andes mountains, above 11,000 feet in elevation, and the discovered Inca lost city of Machu Picchu, also in the high Andes. Keep in mind that we are above ten thousand feet, in the high Andes Mountains of a very remote area of the country of Peru, visiting remains of the lost Incan empire. At that elevation it was cool and damp, and I had on a light tan-colored windbreaker with a "kind of large" AU. As my wife and I were walking through the gateway to the lost city of Machu Picchu, a group was walking out and to my surprise a gentleman in the group called out a loud "War Eagle"! Of course that made the climb and tour of the lost city that much more enjoyable to know that we could be in that remote of an area of the world and find the brotherhood of Auburn there.
War Eagle!!

Amongst the Himalayans

I met my husband when we were both undergrads at Auburn and the fall after we started dating we took a semester off and went to Nepal. We were hiking towards the Tengboche monastery in a remote region of the Himalayans, after an hour plane ride in what my husband calls a "crop-duster" that you might see flying over the Plains. After a long hike straight up the mountains, we stopped at a small guesthouse to stay the night. We had no electricity, no running water, a wooden bed, and a menu consisting mainly of rice and "greens". The weather was cold and while sitting in the common area by the fire before starting the next day's hike, I was wearing my orange and blue Auburn fleece and heard those two words: "War Eagle." I realized the woman across the fire had noticed the AU logo on my fleece. Being the only other English speaking person there, we started talking, and it turned out she was from Alabama and was an Auburn fan. So here we sat, literally on the other side of the world, a 2-day plane ride from Birmingham, AL, followed by another nerve-wrecking flight in a tiny plane plus a day's hike straight up the side of a mountain, talking about the Auburn football season we were missing on our trip. Since they haven't heard about Auburn or football in Kathmandu, we had to ask if she knew how Auburn was doing that season.
Stephanie & Tommy

A heart-felt and inspiring War Eagle

I was a patient at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville on July 14, 2005 suffering from congestive heart failure and had a pacemaker/defibrillator that had gone off 6 times in one day, delivering knockout shocks and burning down to my toes. After being stabilized, I was placed in a regular room for observation. I had already been undergoing pre-transplant evaluation for a possible heart transplant and had only two days before been officially placed on the transplant list. I became aware that three of my nurses had received their training and degrees from Auburn and we had exchanged "war eagle" several times during this and prior hospitalizations. On this particular date while eating lunch, a transplant surgeon came into my room and told me to stop eating, that he thought he had me a heart and that it looked good, but it would be about 30 minutes before he would know for sure. Shortly, thereafter these three Auburn-trained nurses came into my room and notified me that it was a go and then began to sing the Auburn fight song, " War Eagle fly down the field, always to conquer, never to yield. War Eagle fearless and true, fight on you orange and blue . . . " It was a truly inspiring moment for me, and one that I will never forget. It led me into a successful heart transplant surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation that has been nothing less than phenomenal

3 lanes and an Auburn Experience

After graduating (EE'95), I took a job where I did a lot of traveling for a telecommunications vendor. I went around the United States and was in a different airport every week. The first time I went to the Northwest, I flew into Washington. I worked on a site there and went on to Seattle. While in Seattle, I was driving along a main road and noticed a car that seemed to be trying to flag me down. I was not sure but they were pointing to my car and yelling. I was in a rental so I assumed that it was a flat or I was breaking some law or I did not know what. A little apprehensive, I rolled down my windows as they pulled up next to me. Then I understood what they were yelling - "War Eagle!!" My orange AU baseball cap in the back window was a magnet to them across 3 lanes of traffic. Auburn was their adopted school since their local college did not have a football team and the state teams were not very good. We pulled over and I told them I was a graduate. We talked about "Nix to Sanders", "Bo over the top", and my experiences while a student. They said that they knew AU was a special place when they watched the Iron Bowl and saw the pre-game atmosphere in our stadium and in Auburn, Alabama. That was a truly unique experience. Our "family" is so special that it shows in everything we do and I imagine others are drawn to our Tigers not necessarily for football greatness as much as "the Auburn experience"....

A friendly greeting in Verona, Italy.

At a train station in Verona, Italy, we sat near a group of young people, all looking very European and speaking fluent Italian. One of the young men kept glancing at my son and gesturing to his friends. As we stood to board our train the young man called out to us "War Eagle!" We replied "War Eagle!" and smiled and waved. He laughed and explained, "I'm an Auburn graduate. I was telling my friends about our custom of calling out War Eagle to one another and that if I said that to you, you would certainly say it back. I've tried to explain what it's like in Auburn...but, I think I will have to take them there. It's just something you can't understand unless you experience it." We agree.
Sarah and Dan

5k boost in Illinois

So I'm running in the Scarecrow Scamper 5K in St. Charles, IL over the weekend - I graduated in 1992 and have not kept up the physique I had in college - and I'm getting close to the end, about to make my last big push to the finish line. I come lumbering down the hill and make the final turn into Pottawatomie Park right on the Fox River. I have less than 200 yards to go, and I start to feel my legs getting really heavy. Just then I see a lady walking her dog toward me and talking to someone on her cell phone. As I get closer, I also notice she's wearing an Auburn Football T-shirt. Right as I pass her I shout a big "WAR EAGLE!" not knowing whether she could hear me over her phone conversation. I'm about 20 yards past when I hear her response: "WAR EAGLE!! WAR EAGLE!!" - I had no problems motoring to the finish line after that.
War Eagle!

Puerto Rico cheer

My War Eagle Moment happened last summer (2004) while I was walking around in "Old" San Juan, Puerto Rico. I happened to be wearing my Auburn Hat and Auburn Basketball T-Shirt and someone across the street from the shop I just walked out of yelled "Weagle, Weagle, War Damn Eagle!" Of course I said War Eagle back to him. It's kinda like saying hello in a different language when you're an Auburn fan!
War Eagle!

War Eagle in line

The "best" War Eagle moment I've had so far was at Hartsfield while my family was standing in the 3 hour long security line. I was wearing an Auburn hat and all of a sudden somebody yelled out "War Eagle" in my direction and then my family and a few other people scattered throughout the line yelled "WAR EAGLE!!" back. We then proceeded to try and "get to know each other" while going through the security line, which was somewhat humorous because for a few minutes we would be next to each other, and then when we got to the end of the rows, they would separate and we would be 2 rows apart and still attempt to carry on conversation...if we stopped talking while separated though we would pick up where we left off when the rows met again.

Mission trip in Tanzania

While I was at Auburn as a student I was very involved with the Auburn Wesley Foundation (a Methodist Campus Ministry). As a senior with the Wesley Foundation, I went on a mission trip to Tanzania, Africa to build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Since our entire team was Auburn students we wore t-shirts, brought hats, and other apparel so people would know where we were from. One afternoon we went for ice cream and saw a local with an orange Auburn t-shirt on! We immediately yelled, "War Eagle!" and he gave us a really funny look. We befriended him and told him what his t-shirt meant to us - he didn't know where it came from and he had never heard of Auburn. We made a new friend and as he left he yelled back to us "War Eagle!" Even people in Tanzania, Africa know who Auburn is!
War Eagle!

A father's pride

I grew up in a mixed family...Auburn fans, Alabama fans, and even some Tennessee fans. It took me a while to figure out which team was my team, but once I did, it was as if I'd been an Auburn Tiger my whole life. My grandmother is for Auburn, my mother is for Auburn, and so I was proud to say I was for Auburn too. My grandfather, however, grew up as an Alabama fan. He always cheered in the opposite colors (and on the opposite side of the room during the Iron Bowl!) No matter how many "War Eagle!"'s we yelled, he never failed to quickly respond with a loud "Roll Tide!" This past Father's Day, I called him to wish him well and see how he was doing. When we were saying our goodbyes, he said to me, "War Eagle, I'm proud of you." Those two words had never come out of his mouth in all of his years, and probably never will again, but to hear him say that to me meant more than almost anything he could have said. That's my War Eagle Moment.

A high point on Pike's Peak

This past summer I visited Colorado Springs, Colorado to do an internship. Being the only one from Auburn, and Alabama at that, I didn't really meet anyone from home the whole week. Part of the internship program was to hike/climb Pike's Peak, a 14,000-foot mountain. On the next to last day, when we climbed the mountain and finally reached the top, we visited the souvenir shop/restaurant, and I just happened to run into a father and his two sons. They were just like most people who were visiting the site except all three had Auburn shirts on and so did I. With the classic "War Eagle" as our greeting to one another, we began talking about last year's undefeated season and other things. Who would have ever thought that you could be right at home even a when you are 1,500 miles from what you truly call home? WAR EAGLE!

Horseback in Costa Rica

My family and I, three generations of Auburn grads, were riding horses through the very remote rainforests in Costa Rica. We hadn't seen any other Americans for almost a week and a half, and we pass a guy wearing an Auburn hat. I do a double take---I mean what are the odds, the one American we see is wearing an AU hat. WOW. I holler "War Eagle buddy" and he hollers it back to me. How refreshing to both of us.

Officer shout out

I was sitting at a stoplight, dancing to the car radio when I heard the policeman behind me chirp his siren. I looked in my rearview mirror and wondered what I had done wrong. He was smiling and then he said "War Eagle" on his walkie-talkie. (I have an Auburn sticker on the back of my car.) I rolled the window down and yelled it back. It made my day!!

Help in Tokyo

Last summer I was getting off a flight in Tokyo, Japan before boarding my connection to Guam to commence my Naval Orders underway. While walking through the terminal, I was of course lost and confused about which direction I needed to go, so I approached a flight counter. I was attempting to speak with one of the attendants, but she was unable to understand my "fast, southern" English. So, the lady asked for her supervisor to help me. Not realizing I was wearing an Auburn hat, I received a friendly "WAR EAGLE" from the approaching supervisor as she pointed to my cap. Needless to say, it was motivating and I got my help. "WAR EAGLE WORLD WIDE"!!!!!

We love NY, and Auburn too

I walked directly into a fellow Auburn student on 5th Avenue in New York City across from St. Patrick's Cathedral. We're both accounting majors, however, he was interviewing with Ernst and Young and I was just on vacation. He got the job and I'm planning my next vacation.

In the Hawaiian wilderness

My wife and I (both Auburn grads) were in Maui for our honeymoon. We were hiking to a waterfall and were in the middle of a bamboo forest, miles away from civilization. We were discussing how we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere and how we hadn't seen another human in probably 3 hours. About that time, we saw a pair of hikers coming toward us through the forest. As they passed, the man looked at me, saw my Auburn hat, and said, "War Eagle!" It just goes to show that no matter how far from home you are, no matter how far out in the wilderness you are, there's always a fellow Auburner around the corner....

A London surprise

It was the summer before my sophomore year of high school and my family and I were visiting England and Scotland. We were in London for the day and walking around. We went to a park where we saw these people standing on chairs speaking on politics, religion, etc. Come to find out, you cannot speak out against the Queen (King) if you are standing on British soil. So, they get around this rule by standing on a chair or box at least a foot off of the ground. So, I stood there and kind of listened to this man argue with another man about something the Queen was doing, and then one of the men arguing looked at me and looked at my Auburn Football t-shirt, and he stopped completely mid-argument to say "War Eagle" to me. Of course, I responded back with a heartfelt "War Eagle." We smiled at each other and then he proceeded to finish his argument, and I just walked away laughing. I think I got more "War Eagles" over there than anyone could imagine. It kept me smiling the entire trip and also has been one of the memories that has lasted from that trip. Thanks for letting me share my story and War Eagle!!!

Marathon encouragement

I was running in the 1988 Women's Olympic Trials Marathon in Pittsburgh and was about ready to drop out because I was still weak from having been sick prior to the race. At around the 15-mile mark, I heard a big WAR EAGLE, and I looked up and saw a couple who had obviously seen my name and hometown in the paper. I wish I could have seen the smile on my face! There was only time for me to yell WAR EAGLE back, but I perked up and went on to accomplish my goal of finishing in the top 50 (31st) and ran my second fastest marathon time. All because of two words.

A War Eagle hug in Missoula, Montana

A friend of mine and I were taking off a summer quarter from AU in 1996. We were going to work at Mt Ranier National Park in the state of Washington. We left several days early in an effort to travel other parts of the country. We were at a gas station in Missoula, Montana and I was wearing an Auburn sweatshirt. As I was pumping the gas into my car, I notice a woman that appeared to be in upper 50's running rapidly toward me. I look over at my friend and he has a weird look on his face as do I. The lady gets about 4 feet away from me and reaches out her arms as if she wants a hug. She continues moving toward me and wraps her arms around me. I am thinking to myself, should I know this person? After about 2 seconds, she loudly says " War Eagle, I have been living here now for 20 years and you are the first person I've seen with an Auburn shirt on." I am a bit astonished by this, and I kindly reply " War Eagle to you" The smile on the lady's face was priceless and I enjoy sharing the story whenever possible.

Bo & Family

My husband and I (both Auburn graduates) were returning home from Los Angles from our honeymoon 15 years ago. The Auburn/Georgia game had been on the night before, and we stayed in the hotel watching the Tigers win. Bo Jackson was now playing for the LA Raiders, and we happened to pass the gate at the airport where the Raiders were flying out for their game that weekend. We saw Bo with his teammates across the concourse, and lots of people/photographers were trying to get his attention. My husband and I yelled "Bo, War Eagle." He looked up, smiled, excused himself from the other players and came over to talk to us. He asked us if we had seen Auburn play the night before, saying that UGA/AU matchup is always a great game. We talked about being there the night he came back to campus after he had won the Heisman Trophy. We said we had given up on studying for finals and went to meet him at Sewell Hall. Unfortunately, we had to get going to catch our plane home. He was great to come and talk to us, knowing that with the phrase "War Eagle", he was talking to Auburn family even though we were thousands of miles from the plains of Auburn. My husband and I were upset when we got on our plane and realized we didn't get a picture, autograph or anything, but at the moment, Bo was just part of the Auburn family, not a celebrity.
Deirdre and Edward

Another split family

My grandsons live in South Carolina. They are Auburn fans !! The 6 year, Alex and I were doing "Knock Knock" jokes by telephone. I said, "Alex, Gammy has to go".

Daddy said, "Alex, why did you say that"?

"Daddy, I've got to make Gammy and Grandmomma both happy".

Yes, I am Gammy, the Auburn fan. His Grandmomma is a Bama fan.

-Donna M.

An Auburn Mt. Everest meeting

Mt. EverestLast March, I traveled to the country of Nepal. I was part of an expedition that was climbing Mount Everest. I wasn't scheduled to go to the top, but about 75% of the way. Other members of our team did summit.

To even get to Everest base camp, there is a ten day 70 mile hike through the very remote portions of Nepal. Not a road for hundreds of miles, barely any electricity, basically a third world existence. I was one day away from base camp, climbing a hill called "Thukla." The local Sherpa people say the hill is so steep and gains so much elevation that it even gives yaks headaches (headaches are common when ascending to much altitude in one day).

As I trudged up the hill with my backpack over my shoulders, the cold wind whipping against my face and laboring for each breath and step, out of no where I hear, "WAR EAGLE!" Of course I was shocked because I had forgotten I was wearing my Auburn hat. It was a very surreal moment. Here I am on the other side of the planet, no phones, electricity, roads, and barely trudging up this laborious hill, and I hear those common words. I look up and there stood Ryan Ross, another former Auburn student.

We exchanged War Eagles and got to talking. Turns out he went to Auburn for two years, but transferred to Colorado. He was part of another IMAX film team that was on the mountain to do research on climber's physiology. The new IMAX is scheduled to be in theaters in 2009. We were even in the same freshman class together.

In a place where you look for inspiration to take even one more step up the mountain, hearing these words certainly inspired me to keep on heading on.

I just thought I would share after seeing the latest TV ads with the man and the airplane. These are wonderful ads and really share the common bond we all as Auburn people have. I hope you find this one as interesting! I have included a picture of me at Everest Camp 1 with my hat on.

Thank you very much for reading and, "WAR EAGLE"


Be careful where you say "War Eagle"

We were on a trip to Paris with a TV station out of Columbus, Ga.. We did not know if we would know anyone but were pleasantly surprised to find the majority of the group were Auburn alums. The day we went to The Louvre we all separated to save time seeing what each individual preferred to view. From the top of the steps, I saw part of our group downstairs so I yelled "WAR EAGLE". Well, the French security guard did not think that was funny so he rushed toward me and made me sit down on the steps while he called more security. I guess the word WAR scared them or something. Now, I am ashamed to admit that I did Minor in French at Auburn but a long, long time ago (1970) so my broken french in my very southern drawl did not help my situation at all. I finally smiled and laughed and laid on my Southern charm to convince them that I was Not a terrorist, just a Rabid Auburn graduate.

-Patricia Smith Faulkenberry
Class of 1974

Tigers in Africa

Auburn Tigers in UgandaWhile on temporary duty in Uganda, I was eating at an outside restaurant on the shore of Lake Victoria in the city of Entebbe, when I noticed a person with an Auburn t-shirt. I was wearing my tiger eyes base ball cap and said a friendly "War Eagle". We talked for a few minutes and both lamented that "Who would have thought on in the middle of Africa, two Auburn Tigers would meet". I personally think it was as impressive as Stanley saying Livingstone "Doctor Livingston I presume" in East Africa over 130 years ago.

Attached is the picture of two proud War Eagles at the restaurant in Entebbe, Uganda on the shore of Lake Victoria.

War Eagle,

Stanley J. Koryta Jr,
Class of 1990