Auburn University Strategic Plan

Priority 6: Building Financial Resources
The Auburn University System will continue to dramatically expand our endowment, annual fund, and gifts to the University to support academic excellence and increased scholarships.

Initiative 1: Implement a new capital campaign.

Strategic Priority 57: Campaign Planning | COMPLETED

Auburn University will begin implementing plans for the next comprehensive fund raising campaign in spring 2012.

"Plans for our next capital campaign will be developed by April 2009. As part of that planning, we will perform a lessons-learned review of the recently-completed "It Begins At Auburn" campaign, identifying the reasons underlying successes as well as potential improvement opportunities.  The campaign should increase new professorships as described in other sections of this plan.

The campaign will also include a goal for a substantial increase in student scholarships. On the Auburn campus, our goal will be 7,000 students with an average scholarship of $5,000 annually. The goal will be 200 students on the Montgomery campus. Increasing student scholarship has been endorsed by the Auburn University SGA through passage of a resolution in the Student Senate.

Finally, the campaign should include a new fundraising category for unrestricted funds, producing $500,000 available annually to provide discretionary funds for departments, colleges and schools."

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • A campaign readiness assessment was conducted by campaign consultants, Bentz Whaley Flessner (Minneapolis, MN) in 2010-11 with a full report presented to various university volunteer boards, deans, vice presidents and others on June 24, 2011. The report recommended that the campaign leadership phase began mid-2012 with a campaign goal to be announced in 2012.
  • The scholarship campaign continues to raise endowment dollars to enhance the Spirit of Auburn Scholarships with a goal of $15 million by December 2011. As of 5/31/11, $4.1 million has been raised or 27% of the goal.
  • Effective April 1, 2012, a new Vice President for Development/President of the Auburn University was appointed. Given the timing of the Vice President's appointment, the campaign implementation process was intentionally slowed down to provide time and opportunity for the VP to review the Office of Development organizational structure; proposed campaign timeline; potential campaign consultants; draft campaign policies; draft campaign budget; development infrastructure support; and overall campaign readiness.
  • As a result, the following have occurred:
    • The working campaign timeline has been adjusted as follows:
      • Spring 2012 – Fall 2012: Preparation Phase (Est. Goal: $300M)
      • Early 2013 – Mid-2014: Leadership Gift Phase (Est. Goal: $400M)
      • Mid-2014 – 2017: Public Phase (Est. Goal: $300M)
    • Contracted with Alexander-Haas as our external campaign Counsel
      • Charged A-H with conducting an internal assessment , which will include participation by development staff at various levels, deans, and members of the university leadership team
      • Began the process of developing a campaign theme/identity/brand
  • Identified and secured commitments from seven Campaign Co-Chairs to serve as key volunteer leaders in the campaign
  • Revised the campaign counting guidelines to reflect the most recent clarification from CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) regarding the treatment of gifts of software (e.g., Gifts-in-Kind in which the university holds only a partial interest)
  • The preliminary campaign goal of approximately $1B includes $230K+ for scholarships. Every college and school, and several major units (i.e., Office of Alumni Affairs, Athletics, Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Enrollment Services, etc.) include increased scholarship support (annual and/or endowed) in their campaign goals.

Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2013

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