Auburn University Strategic Plan

Priority 4: Developing Our People
Recognizing that faculty and staff are central to the life of the University, the Auburn University System will redouble its efforts to support, develop and strengthen our people.

Initiative 1: Strengthening faculty recruiting and retention.

Strategic Priority 35: Faculty Positions | COMPLETED

Auburn University has added faculty positions to departments with student credit hours over 20 percent of the norm.

"We will increase the number of faculty positions for those departments that are 20 percent or more above the norm for student credit-hour production. Similarly, those departments who are less productive in credit hour terms than the norm (adjusted for sponsored research productivity) will see a lower rate of faculty replacement than others."

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • New faculty positions were added to departments with SCH over 20% of norm, with a minimum of three departments affected:┬áthe Department of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering, the Department of Finance, and the Department of History.

Strategic Priority 36: New Professorships | COMPLETED

Auburn University has recognized exemplary faculty through the creation of over 90 new professorships.

"Within the next year, we will create 80 new professorships for existing faculty with exceptional merit. The salary support should be approximately $12,500 annually."

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • Auburn University recognized exemplary faculty through the creation of 80 new professorships. This goal was achieved and exceeded the initial target of creating 80 new professorships, with the securing of private support for 96 new professorships in 2009-2010.
  • The Office of Development and the Provost's Office held two events in 2010 that celebrated and recognized both the donors who gave to the campaign and the professors who received the awards.
  • The first celebration recognized the donors who generously gave a gift to the professorship campaign. The second event recognized the professorship recipients from the endowment funds that had enough money to support at least 50% of the funding. In total, 43 Faculty from 10 of the Colleges and Schools were recognized.
  • In fall 2011, a ceremony was held to recognize 11 faculty with professorships in the Colleges of Business, Education, Engineering, Human Sciences, and the Schools of Pharmacy and Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.
  • In fall 2012, 13 professorships were awarded to faculty in the Colleges of Business, Engineering, Sciences and Mathematics, and the School of Nursing.

Strategic Priority 37: Planning for Retirements | COMPLETED

Auburn University has successfully planned for the retirements of several senior faculty and deans from 2008-2011.

"We will initiate planning for anticipated retirements of senior faculty and deans."

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • During 2009 and 2010, Auburn University successfully planned for the retirements of seven academic deans and several additional senior faculty and administrators.

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