Auburn University Strategic Plan

Priority 4: Developing Our People
Recognizing that faculty and staff are central to the life of the University, the Auburn University System will redouble its efforts to support, develop and strengthen our people.

Initiative 4: Reinforcing recognition and rewards.

GOAL 43: Auburn University completed a report on the percentage of salary variation for v and Auburn University Montgomery faculty and staff compared to the SREB average and continues to examine salary.

"The Auburn campus will maintain faculty and staff salaries, in general, at national norms based on merit. The Auburn Montgomery campus will maintain faculty salaries, in general, at regional or local norms based on merit."

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • Auburn University reported on the percentage of salary variation for AU and AUM faculty and staff compared to the SREB average; in 2007, a market evaluation was completed.
GOAL 44: Auburn University continues to complete its review of policies and procedures.

"AU will design and implement a program for recognizing and rewarding faculty who demonstrate superior performance based on accepted reviews and measures. The program will devote particular recognition to faculty who make outstanding and innovative contributions within the strategic priorities of elevating academics and strengthening research."

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • Auburn University achieved and exceeded its initial target of creating 80 new professorships.  A total of 96 committed pledges (to date) have been completed on time and within budget.  The Office of Development and the Provost’s Office held two events in 2010 that celebrated and recognized both the donors who gave to the campaign and the professors who received the awards.
  • The first celebration recognized the donors who generously gave a gift to the professorship campaign.  The second event recognized the professorship recipients from the endowment funds that have enough money to support at least 50% of the funding.
  • Since 2008, the Provost’s Office has funded several new faculty awards including the Faculty International Travel Grant Program, the External Consulting Award, and Faculty Professional Improvement Leave.
  • In 2011, the President established the President's Outstanding Collaborative Units Award Announced for units whose collaborative efforts result in unique exemplary service or academic excellence within the University and the community.
GOAL 45: Auburn University continues to identify new opportunities for recognizing those staff members who demonstrate excellence in supporting the institution’s strategic priorities.

"We will develop and implement a strong staff recognition program based on ideas to make Auburn more efficient. To ensure that this effort generates the desired results, we will designate cash awards of up to $20,000."

Last Updated: Nov. 17, 2011

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