Auburn University Strategic Plan

Priority 3: Expanding Extension Impact
The Auburn University System will expand the impact of the University's extension and outreach activities, better serving our communities and the state.

Initiative 3: Expand Auburn's service to state government.

GOAL 34: Auburn University and Auburn University Montgomery completed a survey of state government customers to obtain ideas on improvement of services and emerging challenges.

Working together, the two campuses will survey state government customers for their ideas on potential improvements in the services that Auburn provides to them and the new challenges they face so that Auburn can begin planning its future approaches to service.

Summary of Progress Achieved:

  • In 2009, the Center for Governmental Services (CGS), working with Matthew Duke, Senior Director of the Center for Government and Public Affairs at AUM, was charged with developing and administering a survey on Alabama's State Government.  Results of the survey revealed opportunities primarily in the areas of:  Training, Leadership Development, Distance Education and Information Technology, and Technical Assistance.
  • Results from the survey indicated the following activities:
    • The Economic and Community Development Institute currently provides leadership for the Alabama Community Leadership Development Network (ACLN).  In October 2009, a statewide conference was held at AU, with over 150 participants in attendance.
    • CGS is hosting the Alabama County Government Institute on June 17-18, 2010.  This institute provides
      leadership development, personnel management, and effective communication instruction to employees from all levels of Alabama's state government.
    • CGS has expanded GIS training through courses provided for the mapping division of the State Department of Revenue.
    • CGS is collaborating with Southern Union Community College, the Workforce Development Councils for
      Regions 7 and 8, and AIDT to provide retraining programs that assist former state employees and unemployed residents with obtaining practical skill sets needed to obtain new jobs.  This project uses mobile training centers.
    • CGS is working with the Alabama Department of Revenue to provide training to develop a statewide training program for DOR, relating to fraud in income tax preparation in the State of Alabama.
    • Over 50% of survey respondents expressed interest in pursuing an advanced online degree (Masters or PhD) in Public Administration.  The College of Liberal Arts is currently working to offer the Masters of Public Administration degree online.
    • University Outreach and its partners (CGS, Tuskegee University, Alabama Public Libraries, AU's Harrision
      School of Pharmacy, AU's College of Engineering, and AU's Library) are working together to coordinate the delivery of technology services throughout rural Alabama Public Libraries.  A proposal has been submitted
      to US Department of Commerce for $5.4 million under the Rural Broadband Initiative.
    • CGS has expanded its online certificate in Emergency Management for Government and the Public Sector by offering new courses.  These additions and/or modifications were designed to include and reflect changing and emerging technologies and processes available in responding to and mitigating disasters.
    • CGS is providing technical assistance to the Department of Nutrition and Food Science to evaluate the effectiveness of educational efforts targeting Alabama's State Food Assistance Program.
    • CGS is working with Alabama's Superintendent of Schools to construct and conduct a survey that will measure social, academic, and emotional factors that can become barriers to learning for students.
  • Over the past three years, the AU Natural Resources Management and Development Institute and its Center for Bioenergy and Bioproducts as well as its Water Resources Center has provided support and technical assistance to the Alabama Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy and the Alabama Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Water Policy and Management, respectively.
  • The Institute has also supported a number of joint projects with the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (AGI), and the Alabama Development Office (ADO).  These efforts have resulted in significant municipal renewable energy projects, two major watershed research projects and annual state-wide and regional conferences on energy and water.
  • AUM has contributed to the Alabama Medicaid Healthcare Reform Readiness Initiative; the AUM Center for Government helped the Alabama Medicaid Agency develop a strategy to implement Healthcare Reform. We formed and are running a Portfolio Management Office to assist in the execution of the strategy.  AUM is reorganizing and preparing the Agency's IT department for the change and is supporting the implementation of various projects in financial management, enrollment, health systems, and Alabama Medicaid's participation in a Health Information Exchange.  Readiness for the implementation of Healthcare Reform will potentially impact over 1.4 million Alabamians by 2014.
  • AUM has contributed to the State Child Abuse Prevention Plan Initiative; the AUM Center for Government is studying Alabama's 12 poorest mental health catchment areas to identify resource needs to reduce child abuse and neglect. AUM is helping to develop a ‘State Plan for Children' to reduce child abuse by strategically allocating resources to service providers in those areas.  The State Plan for Children will enable the Agency to strategically allocate $5.6 million in grants for prevention of child abuse and neglect among 177 grantees throughout the State.
  • The AUM Center for Government conducted the Alabama Department of Homeland Security's annual Program and Capability Reviews.  AUM facilitated a series of workshops each year with over 150 participants from 43 agencies and eight homeland security disciplines to promote discussion and gather data. Using that information to prepare and submit grant applications on behalf of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the project has captured over $70 million in federal funding for the Alabama Department of Homeland Security from 2006 to present.

Last Updated: Nov. 17, 2011

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