General Liability

Auburn requires general liability insurance for non-university events held in our facilities for meetings, conferences, sports camps/clinics, weddings, or other special functions. This requirement can be satisfied by providing a certificate of insurance or by purchasing a general-liability insurance policy.

  • If you are providing your own general-liability insurance:

    The acceptable documentation is a certificate of insurance showing evidence of general-liability insurance to cover the event and use of university facilities. The certificate of insurance must provide a minimum of $1 million in coverage limits and include Auburn University as the certificate holder and list Auburn University, its Board of Trustees, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Agents as addtional insured for the event and use of facilities.

    The certificate of insurance should be uploaded to the Campus Event Planning System or sent two weeks before the event to:

    Auburn University
    Risk Management & Insurance
    316 Leach Science Center
    Auburn, AL 36849

    The certificate can also be faxed to (334) 844-4942.

    A facility-use agreement must also be signed and uploaded to the Campus Event Planning System event request.

  • If you need to purchase general-liability insurance:

    Auburn is enrolled in the URMIA (University Risk-Management Insurance Association) TULIP program (Tenant and User Liability Insurance Policy). You have the option of obtaining a quote from this plan or securing a policy independently.

    TULIP was designed to provide low-cost general-liability insurance to individuals who use university facilities through an online purchasing process.

    TULIP rates and information about the program are available by visiting

    Every user who wants to access the website will need to register their e-mail address and create a password before logging into the system. Once registered, you will need to provide Auburn's passcode to complete an application to purchase a policy and pay with a credit card.

    PASSCODE: 31531848

    For questions regarding TULIP or problems with its website, please contact Marie Wiginton at (800) 247-1734, ext. 310.

    Note: The requirement listed above is not intended for events hosted by Auburn University Departments or Offices, which are covered under the general liability insurance for the university.

Last Updated: March 2, 2016