Responsibilities of a Organizer/Host

Whenever an Auburn University individual, department, or campus organization invites non- university guests to an event on campus, the university commits space and staff time that may impact other scheduled activities. Therefore, the host and organizer must be an employee of the university. Further, they must bear specific responsibilities of the event, including but not limited to the following:

  • Be present at all times during the event, and respond to any problems or complications that may arise.
  • Be the primary contact for making reservations and arrangements for all space being used for the event, support, and equipment services.
  • Work with the appropriate departments to arrange for needed rooms.
  • Ensure that event participants abide by university policies (e.g., smoking restrictions, standards of conduct, alcohol policy, parking).
  • Pay the cost of additional equipment and/or staff if required to accommodate the event.
  • Arrange for chaperones if any participants are under 18 years old.Make and communicate parking arrangements with guests, including parking of buses and/or vendor vehicles.
  • Arrange to direct participants to both the facility and specific room when they arrive.
  • Last Updated: September 18, 2015