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AU Tags in Mississippi

We reached our goal of 200 applications on July 23. The next step is to issue a check to the State of Mississippi along with the applications. The state will then release the work order for the prototype tag. Upon approval, the production tags will be produced. This process could take six to eight weeks. Once the tags are made and shipped to the local tag offices, those of you who sent applications will be contacted by our committee, either by e-mail or phone, informing you that you have one month to pick up your tag from the county seat Tax Collectors office. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the fact that once we submit the package to the state, those applications are locked in, we will be unable to add to the original number of applications. The cut-off date for receiving applications is Monday, July 30. Any applications received after August 30 will be returned to sender.  This does not mean that the applicant can not get an AU tag. It simply means that they must wait until the tags become available to the general public. The tag can then be obtained in the same manner as one would normally do.

Many thanks from the “AU tag in MS” committee.