Dear Auburn University Retiree,

On behalf of the Auburn University Retirees Association (AURA) Board, this is a special invitation for you to become an active member of our association. As you transition from full-time employment with Auburn University into retirement, your health care and retirement benefits with the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) will become a major focus of your attention. With the economic crisis we have all been a part of the past few years, many of us continue to watch with concern our fixed incomes and investments. For example, AURA retirees have not received a cost of living adjustment (COLA) since 2006, although there was a one-time payment made available in 2007. Alabama is not facing these type financial problems alone. The Ohio Retirement Teachers Association reported in 2010 that many states including Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and South Dakota have enacted legislation to delay, reduce, or eliminate COLA and retirement income increases to their state retirees. With serious budget issues facing many states across the country, it is going to take all of our efforts individually and collectively to maintain our current retirement benefits with the Teachers Retirement System, and to work for COLA increases as the economy improves. AURA will work with the Alabama Education Retiree Association (AERA), the Alabama Education Association, and the Teachers Retirement System to maintain, and, as the economy permits, to improve benefits for education retirees. We need you, and we hope you will decide to become an active member of AURA. Numbers do matter when we work together as a united and cohesive group toward the same goal.

AURA is an independent organization with its own constitution and by-laws. At the present time we are funding three Auburn University scholarships, and each year we also present the Wilford S. Bailey Award to a distinguished individual for his/her contributions to the society and welfare of retirees from the educational community.

Although the transition from employment with Auburn University into retirement is a busy time for you, please take a few moments to consider becoming a member of the retirement organization that has the best interests of Auburn retirees as its central focus. To join, print off this membership application form, fill it out and send it to the address on the form.

Jack Rogers, Chairman
AURA Membership Committee

Last Updated: Feb. 2, 2012

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