This section provides information about upcoming AURA events and other announcements of interest to Auburn University and Auburn University Montgomery retirees.

Typically AURA has a spring business/luncheon meeting in April or May each year and a fall social dinner, usually in September or October.

OUR NEXT SCHEDULED EVENT is the annual spring meeting on May 8, 2015, at Saugahatchee Country Club. It will be a buffet lunch meeting. The member's share of the cost of the meal is $10.00. The remainder of the cost is paid with a portion of your dues.

The Spring 2015 AURA NEWS will contain additional information regarding the meeting and telephone numbers for your use in making a reservation.

Upon the recommendation of the AURA  Board of Directors, members attending the fall dinner meeting in October, 2014, moved to nominate Dr. Gerald Johnson, our 2014 Wilford S. Bailey Award winner, for the new Higher Education position on the Alabama Education Retiree Association (AERA) board of directors. The motion was approved unanimously.

Dr. Johnson was placed in nomination on the AERA ballot. In January, 2015, AERA sent ballots to the higher education members of AERA. Dr. Johnson was elected to their board and now represents higher education retirees across the state in the educational efforts of AERA.

This was an important opportunity and has gained us a larger voice in education and benefit matters pertaining to us.

Your board encourages all AURA members to go the AERA website located at – -- and, if not already a member, join now so you will receive their newsletter, The AERA Voice!.



Your AURA Board of Directors Recommends Adoption
Of the Following Amendments (Changes) to
The AURA Constitution

Constitutional Changes Must Be Voted On By the AURA Membership

These amendments are recommended in order to update and bring the Constitution in line with present conditions and circumstances.

1. Except in the name of the organization itself, wherever "Auburn University" appears, add "and Auburn University Montgomery." Wherever "the University" appears, change to "the Universities."

2. In Article II.3, Purposes  --  Substitute "lifelong learning institutes" for "Academy for Lifelong Learners (AUALL)".

3. Eliminate current Article III, Chapters. -- Remove all references to "AURA Chapters".

(No chapters of AURA have ever existed.)

[This requires renumbering of Articles in the Constitution after the first two.]


The following recommended changes are to clarify and be more precise regarding the makeup of the Board of Directors.

1. In re-numbered Article IV, which was Article V, make Section 1.7, Ex-Officio Members, read:  "All AURA officers who are not already elected Board members shall ex-officio be voting members of the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past president shall ex-officio be a voting Board member."

2. Reword Section 2, Officers, of now re-numbered Article IV to read:  "The officers of AURA, selected by the Board of Directors, shall be:  a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall perform the duties customary for their respective offices. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall serve a one (1) year term. The person selected Vice President shall serve a two (2) year term, the first as Vice President and the second as President. All officers may serve multiple terms. The officers, who may or may not be serving as elected members of the Board at the time of their selection, shall be chosen at a meeting of the Board of Directors preceding the annual meeting, and shall assume their duties at the conclusion of the annual meeting. Vacancies that may occur shall be filled by the Board for the remainder of the unexpired term."

            [This wording is very similar to the existing wording with minor changes for


Brian Keeter, Director of Public Affairs for Auburn University, has made us aware of changes to the pricing and priority for athletic tickets.

Please go to  for the information. This site will also give a link to frequently asked questions regarding the changes.

Even though the website referred to says "faculty staff tickets," Brian says it also pertains to retirees.


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