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Laura Folse

Class of 1980
Current Position: Chief Executive Officer, BP Wind Energy
Resides In: Houston, Texas

“The scientific foundation I gained from my education at Auburn University has served me very well in my career and I’m absolutely certain it will do the same for you.”


As the CEO of BP Wind Energy, Laura Folse powers an organization of wind energy professionals that manage 14 wind farms around the U.S. and oversees interests in two additional farms that are operated by partners. An Auburn geology graduate, Folse previously held the position of executive vice president of response and environmental restoration for BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, where she led the operations, scientific and technological programs within the multi-billion dollar cleanup and restoration effort BP initiated in response to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon accident. Folse is active with the Auburn University Department of Geosciences' Advisory Board and was the 2015 Marie W. Wooten Distinguished Speaker at the Society for Women in Sciences and Mathematics Symposium luncheon.

A portrait photograph of Laura Folse.


Four workers pose next to a truck at a wind farm.
Two workers pose next to a truck at a wind farm.
Last updated: 08/31/2017