Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be considered a full time student while at work?
    • Yes.  A small registration fee is charged to continue your school enrollment during work terms.
  • Can I quit the Co-Op Program at any time?
    • Students should not enter the program unless they plan on finishing all scheduled work periods.  As a co-op student, you are expected to fulfill your original employment agreement as outlined in "The Co-Op Handbook".  Of course, unusual problems should be handled through the co-op staff.
  • Can I change majors?
    • Yes. As a matter of fact, the co-op program allows students to realistically evaluate their curriculum choice.  A change, if necessary, can then be made with little loss of credit and time in school.
  • When can I work?
    • Students will alternate terms of work and school.  See Alternation Schedules.
  • When can I start work?
    • You may be assigned at the beginning of any term between your second term as a freshman and first term as a junior.
  • Can I bring in a company not currently working with co-op?
    • Yes, if the work is related to your major area of study, and the employer is acceptable to the co-op office.
  • Will I earn enough money to pay my expenses while in school?
    • That depends.  Salaries vary widely depending upon location and field of study.  In any case, you should not plan on a co-op job supporting all your college needs.  Cooperative Education is designed to emphasize academic and professional experiences rather than provide financial aid.  What you save is directly proportional to your willpower.
  • Can co-op students participate in ROTC?
    • Co-Op students may choose between Air Force, Army and Navy ROTC, both basic and advanced.  Summer camps must be coordinated by the ROTC Department and the Co-Op Office.
  • Can I change employers?
    • No!  The only time this is allowed is if you change to another field of study or your original employer can no longer employ you.
  • Am I required to work for my co-op employers after graduating?
    • No!  Your co-op employer is also not obligated to offer you permanent employment.
  • Will I receive any special recognition for completing the Co-Op Program?
    • Yes!  Your work experience is a permanent part of your transcript.  You are also awarded a co-op certificate signed by the President of Auburn University to accompany your diploma upon graduation.


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