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Book of The Duchess

I have of sorwe so gret won
That joye gete I never non,
Now that I see my lady bryght,
Which I have loved with al my myght,
Is fro me ded and ys agoon.
Allas, deth, what ayleth the,
That thou noldest have taken me,
Whan thou toke my lady swete,
That was so fair, so fresh, so fre,
So good, that men may wel se
Of al goodnesse she had no mete!

The Second Nun's Tale

But whan they weren to the place brought
To tellen shortly the conclusioun,
The nolde encense ne sacrifice right noght,
But on hir knees they setten hem adoun
With humble herte and sad devocioun,
And losten bothe hir hevedes in the place.
Hir soules wenten to the Kyng of grace.

The Monk's Tale

Amonges othere thynges that he wan,
Hir chaar, that was with gold wrought and peree,
This grete Romayn, this Aurelian,
Hath with hym lad, for that men sholde it see.
Biforn his triumphe walketh shee,
With gilte cheynes on hir nekke hangynge.
Coroned was she, as after hir degree,
And ful of peree charged hire clothynge.

The Prioress's Tale

With torment and with shameful deeth echon
this provost dooth thise Jewes for to sterve.
That of this mordre wiste, and that anon.
He nolde no swiche cursednesse observe.
"Yvele shal have that yvele wol deserve";
Therfore with wilde hors he dide hem drawe,
And after that he heng hem by the lawe.