Auburn University Grant

Grant awarded by the Governor's Office, State of Alabama - Auburn is the sub-recipient

Project Title: State Fiscal Stabilization Fund - Auburn Main Campus (Completed)

SFS Funding has allowed Auburn to mitigate tuition increases that would have been required to bridge the gap created by reduced state appropriations. The funding received will be used by Auburn to retain instructional positions, improve student services, address student safety and security and provide support for renovations on instructional and research facilities. No sub-grantees.

Grant #: SubAward# 10-1334-A State Award: S394A090001
CFDA 84.394
Status Approved
Application Date 6/12/2009 and 06/24/2009
Award Date 6/30/2009 with obligated date 10/01/2009
Jobs -
Job Description Graduate Teaching Assistants, Part-Time, Support and Full-Time Faculty; Security Shuttle Personnel. All Benefits Included (Completed)
$ Awarded  $ 33,805,506.00
$ Recvd/Invd  $ 33,805,506.00
$ Expended  $ 33,805,506.00
AU Fund 101099 and 111099
Infrastructure Several small renovation projects will be performed using State Stabilization funds. Projects include roof replacements, carpet replacement, louver replacement, classroom upgrades, wireless data installation, security camera installations and security shutter installation. The infrastructure investment will contribute to the recovery: to stabilize State and local government budgets, in order to minimize and avoid reductions in essential services and counterproductive state and local tax increases; to preserve and create jobs and promote economic recovery. Site addresses will be provided to the State Budget Office. See 1511 Update on web.


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