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Grant awarded by the National Science Foundation

Project Title: Next Generation Biological Engineering Research Through Renovation of Laboratories at Auburn University. (Completed)

This grant will be administered by the principle investigator (PI), AU Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA), and the AU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). The PI will direct the work of the project and direct charge project expenditures to the appropriate project fund. CGA will monitor expenditures, request reimbursement from the sponsoring agency, and submit required financial reports to sponsoring and governmental agencies. OSP will administer changes to award conditions, and assist in ARRA data collection. No sub grantees are approved in the approved award budget or expected.

Grant #: SubAward# 0963407
CFDA 47.082
Status Approved
Application Date 7/20/2010
Award Date 8/20/2010
Jobs 12.60
Job Description Professional (architectural and design team staff, project managers and engineering) and construction tradesmen
$ Awarded $ 4,623,008.00
$ Recvd/Invd $ 4,623,008.00
$ Expended $ 4,623,008.00
AU Fund 921915
Infrastructure This project involves the renovation of research laboratories in a building known as the Corley Annex. This is used by faculty in Biosystems Engineering and collaborating units. This gut renovation will upgrade the research space to contemporary levels of laboratory mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure and will result in a series of research laboratories and support spaces for the biological engineering program. The latter include laboratories for: a) Biomaterials Processing and Conversion; b) Advanced Biological Systems; c) Biosystems Automation; d) Biomaterials Characterization; e) Food Safety Engineering; f) Bioanalysis; g) Chemical Analysis; and h) Fabrication, an enhanced Instrument Support Facility, and new controlled-environment rooms.


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