Allies Project

The goal of the Auburn University Allies Project is to create an environment of trust, acceptance, and mutual respect for everyone on the Auburn University campus.

Safe Zone

Following the lead of several other universities around the country, the Auburn GLB Caucus has implemented the Safe Zone Project.

We have developed a card which can be placed on campus doors, desks, or bulletin boards to indicate that the area is a GLB Safe Zone. It also contains information about local and national GLB resources. A copy of the card has been sent to all faculty and staff members who routinely interact with students. Additional copies will be available by request. In addition, we have hosted several free workshop entitled More Than Good Intentions: How to Be an Ally to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community. Our hope is that this project will provide people with a safe way to identify allies, while generally raising awareness on campus about GLB issues.

The Safe Zone project is sponsored by the AGLBC. Cosponsors include the following Auburn University organizations:

Affirmative Action Office
Department of Counseling and Counseling Psychology
Department of Psychology
Student Counseling Services
Student Success Center
Freshman Year Experience and Students in Transition
Career Development Services
Academic Support Services
Auburn Gay and Lesbian Association

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