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Interested students may apply using the Auburn application for admission at When completing the application, select the option for Undergraduate Dual Enrollment.

A good place to start would be your high school counselor. Talk to your counselor about your readiness for college-level work and your high school’s policy on accepting this work for high school credit. Once you have had that discussion, contact an advisor in Auburn's Exploratory Advising Center to discuss your course options. The Exploratory Advising Center may be reached at (334) 844-7277.
Minimum qualifications to be considered for admission are at 22 ACT (or SAT equivalent) and a 3.25 high school grade point average. Official test scores and transcripts must be submitted along with your application. You must also submit two letters of support with your application, one from your parent/guardian, and one from your high school principal/counselor assessing your emotional and social maturity and readiness for college work. Admissions decisions are made on an individual basis.

Alabama residents will be offered a 25 percent discount on current credit-hour tuition rates. For the 2016-17 academic year, this is $283 per credit hour. Keep in mind most courses are three credit hours. Non-Alabama residents who would normally be subject to out-of-state tuition rates will be charged at the in-state rate of tuition for dual-enrolled courses. The student services fee of $812 is waived for students enrolled in six credit-hours or fewer. Costs can be found here.

After speaking with your high school counselor about your readiness for college work and your high school's policy on accepting college work for high school credit, contact Auburn's Exploratory Advising Center for assistance in selecting and registering for a course. The Exploratory Advising Center may be reached at (334) 844-7277.
The course is an official Auburn University course and is part of your academic record at Auburn. The credit may be used at Auburn or in some cases, transferred to another institution. The decision on the course satisfying your high school requirements will be made by your high school.
Both online and on-campus classes will be available. On-campus classes may carry with them an attendance policy that impacts your grade, so be certain of your ability to attend before signing up for a class.

Your academic record at Auburn will reflect this failure. Your high school graduation could also be impacted. Please be sure to discuss your plans with your high school counselor before enrolling in an Auburn University course.

No, only tuition is covered. There may be additional expenses for textbooks and class supplies.

When you complete a class at Auburn University, you will request that we send a transcript confirming your final grade to your high school. Your high school will apply that grade to your record in accordance with its own policies.

Financial assistance is provided in the form of discounted tuition rates. Students are not eligible for Auburn University scholarships or federal financial aid.

As a dual-enrolled student, you have access to any campus services needed to complete your course. This could include the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, the Academic Support office, the Miller Writing Center, Auburn computing resources, or individual meetings with your faculty member. Services not related to your class are not available to you (e.g., the Recreation and Wellness Center, football tickets, etc.).

No, to enter Auburn as a degree-seeking freshman, you must apply for admission in your senior year of high school.

You have the right to withdraw from (drop) the class, but be aware of the financial and academic consequences associated with that decision. You may drop the class in the first five days of a semester with no financial penalty and nothing on your academic record. If you drop your class between the sixth and 15th day of the semester, you will incur a $100 drop fee for doing so, but still nothing on your academic record. If you drop between the 15th class day and mid-semester, you will be issued a W on your Auburn record. There is no GPA penalty associated with a W. Should you need to drop a course after midterm, permission must be granted. The complete policy on withdrawing from a class is located in the AU Bulletin.

In addition to Auburn University policy, dropping a class could have an impact on your high school graduation. Consult with officials at your high school before any final decisions are made about withdrawing from a class.

All billing is done electronically. An e-mail is sent to the student's Auburn University e-mail address advising that he/she has a bill to view. You get to your eBill account through AU Access.

Last updated: 05/18/2018