AU-wrightlecture 7/11/96

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AUBURN -- The work of one of the world's most famous architects will be discussed on the Auburn University campus on Tuesday, July 16.

Nick Davis, professor emeritus of the College of Architecture, Design and Construction, will lecture on Frank Lloyd Wright and his works at 7 p.m. in Parker Memorial Auditorium in Dudley Hall. The lecture is free and the public is invited.

Davis will bring an exhibition of 50 rendered analyses by students of Wright's work, and offer a musical interpretation of Wright's designs and buildings by sharing slides of the work set to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. In addition, Davis will reference recent research and scholarship to ask some difficult questions about Wright's legacy as it relates to the design of today's buildings.

Wright, an unusual and brilliant architect, continues to influence architectural design and planning. Best known for designing the Falling Water residence in Pennsylvania and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Wright's projects are located throughout America and Asia. His largest single project was Florida Southern University in Lakeland, Fla., and in Alabama, he designed the Resenbaum residence in Florence, one of his prairie homes.

The lecture, the final in a series statewide, is sponsored by the East Alabama Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and by the Alabama Architectural Foundation.

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