Bob Lowry


(*As submitted by deans)

Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station

** Closure of 15 agricultural research station sites.
** Eliminate 150 jobs.
Impact in 2002:
** Loss of research/outreach at closed experiment stations.

Alabama Cooperative Extension System

** Elimination of 42 positions
** Exhaustion of deferred maintenance/budget reserves.
Impact in 2002:
** Forced retirements of 12 people.

College of Architecture, Design and Construction

** Eliminate Landscape Architecture and Planning programs.
** Terminate five faculty members.
** Cancel work with state on improvement of state parks.
** Cancel research at Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
** Cancel research on the Cahaba River Corridor Study.
** Eliminate Department of Industrial Design.
** Terminate seven faculty members.
** Eliminate Urban Studies Center program in Birmingham.
** Terminate two faculty members.
** Eliminate Rural Studio program in West Alabama.
** Terminate two faculty members.
** Eliminate Interior Architecture Program.
** Terminate five faculty members.
** Terminate six staff positions.

AU Libraries

** Impose hiring freeze.
** Reduce book purchases.
** Curtail operations and maintenance expenditures.
** Elimination of Minority Resident program.

College of Business

** Lay off 13 professors and instructors.
** Eliminate support for graduate assistants.
** Drop 2,500 classroom spaces. 
** Terminate all student advisors and other staff positions.
** Remove telephone lines from faculty and staff offices.
** Suspend all travel, copying of instructional materials, etc.
Impact in 2002:
** Drop more than 3,500 classroom spaces.
** Eliminate some departments and degree programs.
** Students unable to complete degree in prescribed time.
** Likely loss of AACSB accreditation.

College of Agriculture

** Lay off 150 staff and staff support personnel.
** Reduce funding for instruction.
Impact in 2002:
** Return of $1.4 millionfor sponsored research.
** Destruction of internationally known fisheries program.
** Loss of more than 50 years of poultry immunogenetics research.

College of Education

** Terminate 20 non-tenured faculty members.
** Terminate 30 staff members.
** Exhaust budget and maintenance reserves.
** Cancellation of telephone, copy services, etc.
Impact in 2002:
** Cancel $100,000 in graduate teaching/research assistantships.
** Freeze on all vacant positions.
** Reduce offerings to students by about 40 percent.
** Shut down major degree programs.

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

** Terminate Spring Semester classes at the end of March.
** Place all personnel on leave without pay for April and May.
Impact in 2002:
** Lay off 27 faculty members and 14 staff through the 
closure of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
** Lay off 33 faculty members and 15 staff through the closure 
of the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of 
Software Engineering.
** Layoff 33 faculty and 25 staff through the closure of the 
Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of 
Industrial and Systems Engineering.
** Layoff 30 faculty and 30 staff through the closure of the 
Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Computer 
and Software Engineering.
** Layoff 27 faculty and 16 staff through the closure of the 
Department of Aerospace Engineering, the Department of Industrial 
and Systems Engineering and the Department of Textile Engineering.

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

** Lay off 40 percent of staff and five non-tenured faculty.
Impact in 2002:
** Loss of reputation and credibility.
** Inability to attract faculty in the future.

College of Sciences and Mathematics

** Lay off staff and graduate assistants.
** Cancellation of summer session.
** Elimination of maintenance budget, including telephones, 
copying, etc.
** Elimination of Summer Bridge program for minority students.
** Closing of the Drop In Center for minority students.
Impact in 2002:
** Elimination of nearly a dozen K-12 Outreach programs, 
including Science in Motion project and Science Olympiad.

Graduate School

** Elimination of funding for recruiting, equipment purchases, 
computer upgrades and automation.
Impact in 2002:
** Terminate four staffers and eliminate vacant positions.
** Cut maintenance budget by 20 percent.
** Eliminate Auburn Abroad Program.
** Eliminate International Student/Immigration Services.

College of Human Sciences

** Reductions for fiscal 2001identified from salary savings 
generated through contract and grant support and from indirect cost generated from the contracts.
Impact in 2002:
** Downsizing of faculty to meet budget cuts of $872,395.
** Reduction in the number of students.

College of Liberal Arts and School of Fine Arts

** Furlough 225 personnel, including many tenured faculty.
** Cancel classes immediately for an estimated 12,000 students.
Impact in 2002:
** Eliminate 148 positions, including 33 faculty positions.
 ** Close 10,750 classroom spaces.
 ** Loss of accreditation of many programs.
 ** Center for the Arts and Humanities closed.
 ** Public Relations program closed.
 ** Audiology program closed.
 ** Social Work program closed.
 ** Anthropology program closed.
 ** Elimination of student choirs, including AU Singers.

School of Nursing

** Terminate one student advisor/recruiter.
Impact in 2002:
** Terminate four faculty members.
** Terminate two staff members.
** Begin to reduce enrollment from 200 to 75 by 
limiting enrollment to 45 instead of 85 students
in fall 2001.

College of Veterinary Medicine

** Termination of 12 faculty members.
** Termination of 12 staff positions.
** One day unpaid leave per month for faculty and staff.
Impact in 2002:
** Frozen faculty and staff positions.
** Conversion of all faculty to nine-month appointments.
** Faculty and staff reductions continued for 2001.

(*NOTE: This is not a plan that has been adopted by the university, but a series of options developed by deans to possibly cope with an 18.6 percent reduction in state funding.)

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