Bob Lowry


I am appreciative of the tremendous support I have received from Auburn people during my tenure as president of Auburn University. Auburn has made a lot of progress over the past decade and is a much better university today. We have seen a steady rise in the ranking of Auburn among the nation's public universities, while we've had a controlled growth in enrollment and significant increases in private support. I am proud of those achievements and will continue to work for Auburn's best interests during the remaining time I serve as president.

I am especially grateful to the Auburn family, including the university's faculty, staff, students, alumni and others for the warm friendships and many accomplishments we have celebrated together.

The opportunity at East Carolina University is an attractive one for me because the state of North Carolina has invested progressively in its higher education system. East Carolina will have the opportunity and resources to grow considerably in size, quality and stature, and, as chancellor, I will be able to shape that transformation. I hope to join East Carolina before the start of Fall Semester 2001.

From Auburn, I will forever carry a commitment to the Auburn Creed, that wonderful statement of beliefs that affects how Auburn people view themselves and how they conduct their lives embodying the Auburn Spirit.

# # #