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AUBURN -- A gift commitment from The Goizueta Foundation of Atlanta will enhance cultural diversity at Auburn University by providing endowed scholarships.

Because The Goizueta Foundation primarily supports projects and institutions in Georgia only, the organization's $400,000 pledge to Auburn is a landmark, providing a unique tool to help the university support and recruit Hispanic/Latino students from across the United States.

"This gift commitment is such an extremely positive thing for our university," said AU Interim President William F. Walker. "We are proud to partner with The Goizueta Foundation as staunch advocates of multiculturalism, and are thrilled by the opportunities this gift will provide in our efforts to enhance diversity."

John Bello-Ogunu, assistant provost for Auburn's Office of Multicultural Affairs, echoed Walker's enthusiasm for The Goizueta Foundation's donation and its potential impact.

"Because the Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing in our state and across the nation, The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship will be instrumental in promoting all-inclusive multiculturalism at Auburn University and in recruiting qualified and talented Hispanic/Latino students to our institution," he said.

The Goizueta Foundation was founded in 1992 by Roberto C. Goizueta, a native of Cuba and former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. The Goizueta Foundation's primary focus is to assist organizations that empower individuals and families to improve the quality of their lives through educational opportunities.

The first scholarship funded by The Goizueta Foundation endowment is expected to be awarded in Spring 2003.

For more information on this and other scholarships, contact the AU Scholarship Office, 334/844-2320 or the AU Office of Multicultural Affairs, 334/844-4184.

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