Information for Student Organizations

Use of Auburn University's name or other Auburn trademarks with an organization name implies association with the University. Therefore, only those student organizations that are officially recognized by the SGA are allowed to use AU trademarks in conjunction with their name.

To ensure consistency in the use of the University's name and logos, all products, signage, or packaging bearing reference to Auburn University must be produced by manufacturers licensed through the University's licensing agent, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). Only officially licensed manufacturers carry appropriate product liability insurance naming Auburn an additional insured as well as agreeing to abide by an established labor code of conduct.

As of July 1, 2008, royalties are no longer charged on campus purchases of AU product that meet the criteria listed below. However, the requirement to use vendors under contract with AU Licensing is still in place and is necessary to effectively manage the University's valuable marks and brand. All artwork must be submitted by the licensed vendor to AU Licensing for approval before production. Please be sure to obtain a copy of the design approval from your licensed vendor.

Royalty exempt purchases include: AU items purchased by SGA recognized student organizations. Only recognized organizations are allowed to use AU's name and other marks. Organization name must be on the product.

Royalty bearing purchases include: Any AU product that will be used for fundraising purposes, including product that is given as a thank you for donation. Any generic AU product that does not bear campus event or student organization name. Any AU product purchased by entities that are not official student organizations such as booster clubs, alumni clubs, summer camps, etc.

Licensing policies cover all AU related merchandise with the exception of printed paper materials covered under the policies of AU's Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM). AU related brochures, pamphlets, stationery, note cards, and banners fall under OCM's printing policies and require only the approval of their office. However, if any of these printed materials will be made available for sale, such as calendars and cookbooks, this merchandise will have to comply with AU's licensing policies and the printer of these pieces will have to be licensed through the University's licensing agent. The licensing process for these types of campus projects is easy to work through. Call AU's Office of Trademark Management & Licensing for more information.

Procedures for Obtaining Art & Product Approvals

  • The University has more than 500 licensed manufacturers nationwide with numerous in-state and locally licensed companies. A list of local licensees is attached or a complete list of AU licensees can be found at .
  • A list of Promotional Products vendors may be found on the Promotion Products Quote Request form. Departments utilizing AU funds are required to obtain 3 quotes for promotional products falling into the following 25 categories:
    • 1) Writing utensils 2) Koozies 3) Table covers 4) Drinkware 5) Bags 6) Magnets 7) Decals 8) Flying discs 9) Stress relievers in various shapes 10) Fans 11) Stickers 12) Stylus pens or stylus only 13) Pads/folios/journals 14) Magnetic or other bag-type clip 15) Napkins 16) Flash drives 17) Microfiber cloth 18) Presentation folder/certificate holder 19) Phone sleeve/wallet 20) Mints/gum 21) Key chains 22) Buttons/lapel pins 23) Sunglasses/eyewear 24) Hand sanitizer/lip balm 25) Tents/signs (out of scope of OCM approval)
  • If you cannot find a manufacturer who offers the product you desire, call AU's Licensing Office for assistance at 844-5180 or e-mail
  • Take your desired artwork to a licensed manufacturer or ask the licensee to assist you in designing the look you desire.
  • The licensed manufacturer will submit your design to AU's Licensing Office for approval and remit royalties to the University's licensing agent.
  • If there are questions concerning your design, contact AU's Licensing Office at 844-5180 or e-mail

Obtaining Approval for the Use of AU Related Artwork

  • To protect Auburn University's trademarks and promote a consistent visual identity, AU logos, symbols and marks may vary in size, but cannot otherwise be altered, tampered with, modified, incorporated into other marks, or overprinted with other words or design elements.
  • The Auburn University Seal is allowed only on official University documents and occasionally on upscale quality merchandise.
  • Any recognized student organization wishing to purchase product that bears University trademarks for an event they are hosting, must incorporate the organization name in the design or on the product.
  • Use of a current student-athlete's name on commercial merchandise is a violation of NCAA rules and may result in the student-athlete being declared ineligible. Any use of a student-athlete's name, nickname, or picture must be approved by the AU Athletics Compliance Office. Contact Mr. Mark Richard at 844-9523.
  • Use of intellectual property owned by a third party must be approved by that entity in writing and submitted to the Licensing Office along with the desired artwork. For example, if you wish to use artwork, slogans, or trademarks created by someone not associated with your organization, a written release allowing for such use is required before Auburn will grant design approval. This type of approval process often takes weeks, so allow enough time for such approval to be obtained.
  • Recognized student organizations may include a sponsor name/logo along with University trademarks on products and certain forms of advertising. However, the student organization's name must be included in the design to communicate that the relationship is a partnership with a particular group and not an endorsement by the University as a whole. Based on the scope of the program, a rights fee may be assessed to the sponsor to associate its name with Auburn University.
  • Promotional t-shirts must be white