The Auburn Spirit

"I believe in Auburn and love it."

A part of the Auburn Creed that captures the spirit of Auburn students, alumni and fans. To experience Auburn IS to love it. In the next few pages, you will get a glimpse of what we experience everyday at Auburn University.

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Quick Facts

Established Date:1856Samford Hall
Location:Auburn, Alabama
Campus Landmark:Samford Hall, the main administration building
1st Land Grant college in the South

Name Auburn comes from...

Since 1856, the University has had four official names: East Alabama Male College, Agricultural and Mechanical College, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, and presently, Auburn University. Accounts since the 19th century show that, regardless of the official name, the state's land grant university has always been known as Auburn, a name taken from an Oliver Goldsmith poem, " The Deserted Village." The poem includes the line, "Sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the plain." Our "tiger" mascot also comes from a line that same poem "where crouching tigers wait their hapless prey."
Enrollment:25,078 (2010-11)
Alumni:Since opening its doors in 1856, Auburn University has awarded more than 250,000 academic degrees.
Battle Cry:War Eagle!
Costumed mascot:Aubie
Fight Song:War Eagle!
Colors:Navy (PMS 289) and Orange (PMS 172)
First Football Team:1892