Require Participation Dining Plan Exemptions

For students enrolled at Auburn University, participation in the campus dining program is required. The fee enables students to purchase meals, food, beverage products and dining services with their personal student photo-ID card, the Tiger Card, at all on-campus dining venues. As with so many of our peers and similarly situated institutions, the purpose of the plan is to encourage students to eat on campus, in community, with colleagues, professors and others who will enhance the learning experience. Students residing in on-campus residence halls are required to participate at a minimum level of $995 per semester. Students residing off-campus are required to participate at a minimum level of $300.

If you believe that you are unable to participate in the plan, please know that there are four allowable exemptions from the required participation dining plan, including:

Medical Exemption
A student who has a medical condition requiring a diet that cannot be met by Tiger Dining may be exempted. Please include a letter concisely and fully describing your dietary circumstances along with supporting documentation from a licensed medical physician. The physician must be an impartial professional who is not a family member. Students and physicians should avoid making requests for exemption based on conscious choice or medically unsubstantiated beliefs. Vegetarianism is not normally considered a valid reason for dining plan exemption.
Religious Exemptions
A student whose religious beliefs impose dietary restrictions that cannot be met by Tiger Dining may be exempted. Please include a written explanation from your religious counsel with your form.
Required to be Away from Campus
A student registered in a class not convening on Auburn University's main campus may be exempted. Students must obtain a signature from the appropriate faculty advisor and attach a copy of their semester schedule showing enrollment in the course. Students who have at least one class that meets during the semester on campus may not apply for this exemption.
Campus Organization
An on-campus resident who is an active member of a campus organization which requires its members to participate in ten or more meals per week at the organization's officially designated kitchen may apply to have the resident dining plan of $995 reduced to the $300 off-campus dining plan. On the completed form, students must obtain a signature from the organization's advisor.

Financial need is not an allowable reason for exemption from the Dining Plan.

How to file an exemption form

Download the exemption form.

Applications for exemption must be received on or before the twentieth (20th) class day of each semester. Exemptions will not automatically renew each semester; therefore students must reapply each semester.

Complete the form and mail or deliver to the AU Dining office. You will be notified when your application has been approved. All decisions for exemption are at the discretion of the Dining Contract Administrator and are final.

Thank you for participating in Auburn's campus dining plan. Our goal, as always, is to meet your busy schedule, help you make the most of your Auburn experience, and provide the highest quality meal service possible.

Please submit the completed form and required attachments to:

AU Dining
Auburn University
Student Center
255 Heisman Drive
Room 2101
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-1220