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Strategic Planning Update
April 28, 2008

To the Auburn University Community:

Last week, the Board of Trustees hosted a day-long workshop to discuss Auburn University’s strategic plan.  Faculty and student representatives of Auburn’s main campus and the Montgomery campus attended, and we had an open, positive and participatory dialogue.

The Board identified six overarching priority areas for the next draft, beneath which the 62 tactics from the original draft will be organized and prioritized. The areas include academics, research, extension/outreach, faculty development, financial resources and continuous improvement. None of the original tactics were eliminated at this point. In fact, several ideas were added.

Our next step is to establish prioritized actions, timelines, measurement benchmarks, responsibility areas and estimated costs of the recommendations and submit the expanded draft to the Board at the June 26-27 meeting.

Of special note is that all present agreed that the plan, while moving us forward, will also protect our considerable strengths: Auburn has been a top 50 public institution for 15 years in a row; we have 20 programs ranked in the top 20 nationally; we have engaged alumni who carry their love for the Auburn family throughout the world; we’ve been among the first institutions in the country to conduct national assessments which reveal that our students – who are already extremely bright when they arrive as freshmen – make substantial gains in knowledge by the time they graduate; our junior faculty identify Auburn as an ideal place to work; and 96 percent of our alumni say if they had to choose all over again, they would choose Auburn.

Such strengths provide an outstanding foundation upon which to continue.

We look forward to sharing further plans with you this summer. Thank you for your interest in, participation in and support of this planning process.


Jay Gogue
Auburn University