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For the purpose of assessing fees, applicants shall be classified as Alabama or non-Alabama students.
Non-Alabama students are required to pay a non-resident tuition fee.  

Students who come to the state of Alabama from another state for the purpose of attending Auburn University will be considered a "non-resident student" for tuition purposes. Classification of students as a non-resident shall be made at the time of their initial admission to the university and the non-resident status shall continue unchanged through all registrations at the university until and unless satisfactory evidence is provided to qualify for residency.

No person who moves to Alabama for the primary purpose of attending college shall be considered to have demonstrated intent to establish domicile in the State of Alabama, and will generally not be considered eligible for classification as a resident student.

It is the student’s responsibility to check their residency status when accepted to Auburn University.
Students should carefully examine their ebill account as this is a clear indicator of whether one is being charged resident or non-resident tuition.  

An Alabama student/resident is a person which shall be:

  • 1) a citizen of the United States, or a legal permanent resident
  • AND
  • 2) who shall have resided and had habitation, home and permanent abode in the State of Alabama for at least 12 months immediately preceding current registration. 

A person who establishes domicile in Alabama for the purpose of avoiding non-Alabama fees will be subject to non-resident tuition.

Non-resident students who carry an academic load considered normal (10 or more hours per term for Undergraduates, and 7 hours or more for Graduate students per term) will be presumed to be in the State of Alabama primarily for the purpose of gaining an education and, thus, have not demonstrated the intent to establish a true domicile in Alabama.

Burden of proof for changing residency status rests with the student. Clear and convincing evidence to the contrary must be presented to overcome this presumption. Decisions regarding change of residency will be made by the following dates:

August 1 - Fall Semester
December 1 - Spring Semester
May 1 - Summer Semester

Students who wish to change their residency status must submit all required materials (Residency Appeal Packet – see below) to the Office of the Registrar by posted deadline above.

For further information concerning Residency Laws mandated by the State of Alabama please review:

For further information concerning the residency policy as stated in the AU Bulletin please review:

Questions concerning residency can be submitted via e-mail to: and will be answered in the order they are received.




If you feel you qualify for residency and in-state tuition please review the following guidelines, required documents, and determinates that must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and University Residency Advisor for consideration.


Other students eligible for resident tuition:

Please note – supplying all documents required for a residency appeal does NOT guarantee residency but allows us to assess each situation and apply Alabama law accordingly.



FAQ’s on Residency

Frequently Asked Questions


I own property in Alabama and pay property taxes – does this qualify for in state tuition?


NO. In-state tuition is based on residency. Owning property in Alabama does not make you a resident.

I attended Auburn University as did my father and grandfather before me. We have a long lineage as Auburn Alumni – does this allow for in state tuition?


NO. In 1997, Auburn University discontinued its legacy provision which provided for a reduction in tuition to dependents of Auburn Alumni.

I live right over the border of Alabama. Does this allow me in-state tuition?


NO. In 1997, Auburn University discontinued the Georgia nine county provisions and all such provisions with neighboring states that allowed for a reduction in tuition.

If my student lives in Alabama for a full year and gets a Alabama driver’s license, registers his vehicle in Alabama, rents/owns property in Alabama, and registers to vote in Alabama does this qualify him for in-state tuition?


NO. Please review the qualifiers for students establishing residency in Alabama. First and foremost, they cannot be full time students.

My student lives with his grandparents/aunt/uncle/relative in Alabama. Does this allow him in state tuition?


NO. The student’s residency rests on whomever claims him as a legal dependent. If he is 19 or older he must prove financially independent.

I lived most of my entire life in Alabama – only recently moved out of state – shouldn’t I be considered an Alabama resident and allowed in state tuition for my student?


NO. You must have lived in Alabama for the preceding 12 months prior to admission to Auburn University. The cumulative time a person lived in Alabama is not relevant if the person has moved to another state and established residency in that state.

I am a member of the United States military, is my student considered a resident and allowed in state tuition as we move all over the world?


NO. You must be stationed in Alabama or have an LES (leave and earning statement proving Alabama as your state of residency).  Home of Record is not necessarily the same as state of residency.  Please review the military residency checklist for further qualifiers.

I own a business in Alabama, but live in another state. Does this allow my student in-state tuition?


NO. Your student would qualify only if you are working in a full time capacity (physically present) at your business site in the state of Alabama in a permanent position for at least 12 months preceding student enrollment.

I am an international student in the state of Alabama on a visa. Can I qualify for in-state tuition after living and working in Alabama for a year or more?

NO. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to be eligible to qualify for in-state tuition.



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