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Central Unit Allocations Committee – Executive Vice President

Ex Officio, Voting

Chair, Don Large (Executive Vice President) Continuing
Dan Svyantek (svyandj@auburn.edu Senate Chair) 2018
Lawrence Hamberlin (hambelm@auburn.edu A&P Assembly Chair) 2018
Charleen Thomas (freemcm@auburn.edu Staff Council Chair) 2018

Academic *

4 Deans or college/school business officers

Paul Patterson (pmp0003@auburn.edu Dean, Agricluture) 2019
Gregg Newschwander (gen0002@auburn.edu Dean, School of Nursing) 2019
Joseph A. Aistrup (jaa0025@auburn.edu Dean, College of Liberal Arts) 2018
Chris Roberts (robercr@auburn.edu Dean, College of Architecture, Design, & Construction) 2020

4 Faculty, Dept. Head or Chair [at least 2 of whom shall be academic department heads/chairs]

Jason Bond (jeb0037@auburn.edu faculty chair, COSAM) 2020
Edward Morrison (morriee@auburn.edu faculty chair, Vet Med) 2018
Adelia Grabowsky (abg0011@auburn.edu faculty, Library) 2018
Beverly Marshall (marshbb@auburn.edu faculty, College of Business) 2019


Bobby Woodard (brw0016@auburn.edu Central unit leader or VP) 2019
Royrickers Cook (cookroy@auburn.edu Central unit leader or VP) 2018
Bob Ritenbaugh (rittenrc@auburn.edu Auxiliary unit leader) 2019
Art Appel (appelag@auburn.edu representative Division 3) 2019
Gary Lemme (glemme@aces.edu representative Division 4) 2019


Ex Officio, Non-Voting

Kelli Shomaker (kelli.shomaker@auburn.edu Vice President for Business and Finance) continuing
Drew Clark (clarkj3@auburn.edu Director of Institutional Research) continuing
Bryan Elmore (elmorbj@auburn.edu Director of Budget Office) continuing

*see restrictions

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