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Promotion and Tenure Committee - President

The committee shall review departmental and school or college recommendations on candidates for promotion and tenure and make recommendations to the President. (16 members)

Faculty thirteen faculty members, at least one from each college or school and at least ten of which will be tenured faculty.
Ex Officio
Provost as chair
Non Voting Vice President for Research

Assistant Vice President for University Outreach

In cases in which the President is unable to complete the staffing of the committee from the list of nominees provided by the Rules Committee, the President may require the Rules Committee to nominate additional faculty members.

Faculty members cannot serve in any regular administrative position including that of department head/chair at the time of their service on the committee.

Tenure-track faculty members must be tenured and should hold the rank of professor.

The vice president for Research and the assistant vice president for University Outreach shall serve as nonvoting members.


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