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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Vice President for Research

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the use of all live vertebrate animals by Auburn University which includes the use of animals in research, teaching/instruction, demonstration, and for production, or maintenance purposes.  These actions are conducted in accordance with Auburn University’s PHS Assurance and all applicable federal, state, local and institutional regulations, guidelines, and policies. The IACUC is charged with the responsibility to review, approve, require revisions (to secure approval), disapprove, and monitor all such activities conducted at Auburn University and/or by Auburn University faculty staff, or students.  In addition, the IACUC conducts semi-annual inspections of all AU animal facilities and provides semi-annual reports to the Institutional Official – Vice President for Research.  The IACUC may suspend or terminate animal activities that have been associated with serious harm to animals or humans or for non-compliance with federal regulations, states laws, or institutional policies.  The IACUC, along with other components of the Animal Care and Use Program, develop policy, procedures, and guidelines for Auburn University which are consistent with external regulations, laws, and guidance and reports non-compliance and adverse events to appropriate federal agencies, accrediting organizations, and sponsoring entities. This committee meets and conducts activities 12 months per year. (15 members minimum)

Faculty At least eight faculty members representative of animal-user disciplines (scientists, animal-users)

At least one faculty member representing non-scientific area
Ex Officio

University Attending Veterinarian

Director for the Division of Lab Animal Health or designee

Director AAES/Outlying Units

Director of Research Compliance or designee – non-voting

Associate Director of RMS (Safety & Health) – non-voting

Community At least one non-lab animal user from the community who have no other current affiliation with the University and whose immediate families are not affiliated with the University
Alternates Alternate members may be designated in accordance with federal regulatory requirements and in the same manner as the member for which they are assigned as an alternate.

Continuing/Ex Officio and Community members are recommended by the Institutional Official – Vice President for Research, after consultation with the IACUC Chair.  All members are appointed by the President unless designated in writing to the Institutional Official – Vice President for Research.

All members except for continuing members serve 3-year terms and may be renewed for IACUC service if requested by the IACUC Chair and approved by the Institutional Official – Vice President for Research.

Membership vacancies shall be filled for compliance with applicable regulations and guidance, and to the extent possible, with qualified individuals having similar backgrounds and experiences.

Chair of the committee shall be a faculty member with a minimum of 2 years of experience serving on the AU IACUC.  CPIA certification in IACUC Administration is desirable. 

Member roles and responsibilities are established by the Institutional Official – Vice President for Research.  Members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.  Membership may be terminated for violation of the agreement or failure to meet the roles and responsibilities of membership.


A minimum of 5 members with varying backgrounds to review animal activities commonly conducted by the institution.

At least 1 DVM with training or experience in lab animal science and medicine who has direct or delegated program authority and responsibility for activities involving animals at the institution.

At least 1 practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals.

At least 1 member whose primary concerns are in a non-scientific area.

At least 1 member not otherwise affiliated with the institution (includes immediate family).  Represents the general community interests in the proper care and treatment of animals and may not be a lab animal user.

For additional information about this committee contact Dr. John Mason, VP for Research

Office of the Vice President for Research


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