South Quad - East Campus

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The Scarlet Line covers the South Quad and east portion of campus. This line departs the Terrell Hall Transit Shelter beginning at 7 am and concluding at 6 pm during the fall and spring semesters; and beginning at 7 am and concluding at 5 pm during the summer semester. Approximate bus-stop times are based on 15 minute intervals. To determine your approximate total travel time, add the times between your origin and your destination.

Stop NumberStop Name Stop CodeTravel Time
1. Terrell Hall Transit Shelter 281 0 min.
2. Leischuck Hall
Dunn Hall
215 1 min.
3. Mell Street Station
Mell Street Classroom Building
233 3 min.
4. Goodwin Music Hall
Telfair B. Peet Theatre
Miller Gorrie Center Building Science
Swingle Hall
Rouse Life Sciences Building
180 3 min.
5. South Donahue Residence Hall 269 1 min.
6. AU Medical Center 110 2 min.
*7. South Quad Parking Deck
AU Parking Servcices
OIT Building
195 2 min.
1. Terrell Hall Transit Shelter 320 2 min.

* Stop 7 is the transfer point for passengers needing transportation to stops which are assigned to the Health Sciences Sector Line (i.e. the AU Student Center Hub).