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NumericalStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
160 Ross131Magnolia
319 Bragg704North College
3-D Arts Studio101Samford-Shug Jordan

AStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
AMF Auburn Bowl237North Auburn
Aspen Heights548North Auburn
Athletics Complex120Park and Ride
AU Alumni Center167North Auburn
AU Band Practice Field304Haley West
AU Federal Credit Union106College Loop
AU Impound Lot109Haley West
122Old Row-West Parking
AU Medical Center110South Quad-East Campus
AU Parking Services195South Quad-East Campus
AU Research Park Building I259South Donahue
AU Student Center #1320Haley West
320Health Sciences Sector
320Park and Ride
320West Campus
320West Glenn
AU Student Center #2182Glenn-Harper
182North College
182North Donahue
182North Ross
182Old Row-West Parking
182Samford-Shug Jordan
182Webster Road
AU Student Center #3321Longleaf
321New Wire Road
321South Auburn
321South Donahue
Auburn Arena282Haley West
Auburn City Hall112Magnolia
Auburn Mall137North Auburn
Auburn Medical Park535North Auburn
Auburn Post Office114Glenn-Harper

BStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Barron Trailer Park119New Wire Road
Beard-Eaves Coliseum120Park and Ride
Beech St. at W. Magnolia Ave.123Old Row-West Parking
123West Campus
Bellwood125Webster Road
Biggin Hall127Magnolia
Biggin Hall128Magnolia
Bragg Ave. at Sanders St.545North College
Brookside Apartments (Inbound)310North Donahue
Brookside Apartments (Outbound)129North Donahue
Burton House130Magnolia

CStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Cambridge Residence Hall307North Auburn
Carolyn Draughon Village Extension132Park and Ride
Cary Dr. at N. Donahue Dr. (Outbound)293North Donahue
Cary Hall220West Campus
220West Glenn
Cavell Court130Magnolia
Champions Club275Old Row-West Parking
College of Veterinary Medicine (Inbound)710Webster Road
College of Veterinary Medicine (Outbound)181Webster Road
College Mobile Home Park135New Wire Road
Conway Acres138South Auburn
Copper Beech271North College
Creekside #1140North Auburn
Creekside #2141North Auburn
Creekside #3142North Auburn
Crossland Downs143South Auburn
Crossland Downs144Webster Road

DStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Deerfield Condominiums147Glenn-Harper
Deerwood Condominiums148Glenn-Harper
Delta Educational Building707East Glenn
Donahue Crossing #1150North Donahue
Donahue Crossing #2151North Donahue
Donahue Crossing #3152North Donahue
Donahue Dr. at Woodfield Dr.263College Loop
Downs Way at West Longleaf Dr.153South Auburn
Draughon Center for Arts & Humanities223Magnolia
Dunn Hall215South Quad-East Campus
Dwell Logan Square Apartments #1216West Campus
Dwell Logan Square Apartments #1258West Glenn
Dwell Logan Square Apartments #2217West Glenn

EStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Eagles Landing537New Wire Road
Eagles Landing537South Auburn
Eagles West275West Glenn
East Drake Ave. at North Ross St.157North Ross
East Glenn Administrative Support702East Glenn
East Veteran's Pkwy at Harmon Dr.188South College
Edge West275Old Row-West Parking
Edge West 287Old Row-West Parking
Edge West (Outbound)287West Glenn
Equestrian Center (Inbound)710Webster Road
Equestrian Center (Outbound)181Webster Road
Evergreen115College Loop

FStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Facilities Division101Samford-Shug Jordan
FarmHouse Fraternity166Haley West

GStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Gay St. at Bragg Ave.546North College
Gay St. at East Drake Ave.706North College
Gay St. at Martin Ave225North College
Gay St. at Mitcham Ave.198Glenn-Harper
Gazebo Apartments176North Ross
Gentilly II177South Auburn
Gentilly Park178Webster Road
Gentry Dr. at Drew Ln.318North Auburn
Goodwin Music Building180South Quad-East Campus
Gogue Performing Arts Center900Fine Arts
Greene Hall (Inbound)710Webster Road
Greene Hall (Outbound)181Webster Road
Greystone Mansion223Magnolia

HStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Habitat Apartments280North Donahue
Haley Center #1320Haley West
320Health Sciences Sector
320Park and Ride
320West Campus
320West Glenn
Haley Center #2182College Loop
182North College
182North Donahue
182North Ross
182Old Row-West Parking
182Samford-Shug Jordan
182Webster Road
Haley Center #3321Longleaf
321New Wire Road
321South Auburn
321South Donahue
Harper Ave. at Cook St.147Glenn-Harper
Hearthstone283Webster Road
Hemlock Dr. at W. Magnolia Ave.300Old Row-West Parking
Highland Condominiums194Glenn-Harper
Human Resources702East Glenn

IStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Intramural Field (Biggio Drive)199Park and Ride

LStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Lakewood Commons206South College
Large Animal Clinic144Webster Road
Lee County Courthouse Annex137North Auburn
Leischuck Hall215South Quad-East Campus
Lem Morrison Dr. (New Frat Row)213Park and Ride
Lem Morrison Dr. at Donahue Dr.901Fine Arts
Lem Morrison Dr. at Wire Rd201Samford-Shug Jordan
Longleaf Villas292South Auburn
Lowder Hall218Magnolia
Lowder Hall220Glenn-Harper
220North College
220North Ross
220West Campus
220West Glenn
Lowder Hall291Haley West
291Old Row-West Parking
Lowder Hall601Magnolia

MStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Madison Park221New Wire Road
Magnolia Woods Apartments223Magnolia
Mary Ln. at Harris Ave.226North Ross
McWhorter Women's Athletic Complex228Park and Ride
Mell Street Classroom Building233East Glenn
233Fine Arts
233North Auburn
233South College
233South Quad-East Campus
Mell Street Station233East Glenn
233Fine Arts
233North Auburn
233South College
233South Quad-East Campus
Miller-Gorrie Center Building Sciences180South Quad-East Campus

NStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Nichols Center220West Campus
220West Glenn
Nichols Center291Haley West
291Old Row-West Parking
North Dean at Aspen Heights2001North Auburn
North Dean at Drew Ln.467North Auburn
North Parking Deck275Old Row-West Parking
North Ross St. at Martin Ave.240North Ross
North Ross St. at Mary Ln.241North Ross

OStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
OIT Building195South Quad-East Campus

PStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Padgett Ct. at Harmon Dr.189South College
Peachtree Apartments253West Glenn

RStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Ramsay Hall127Magnolia
Ramsay Hall128Magnolia
Recreation and Wellness Center120Park and Ride
Recreation and Wellness Center282Haley West
Regency Square Apartments155Glenn-Harper
Ridgewood Village260Webster Road
Ross St. at Harper Ave.155Glenn-Harper
Rouse Life Sciences Building180South Quad-East Campus
Rugby Field166Haley West

SStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Samford Square295Longleaf
295South Auburn
Sanders St. at Bragg Ave.546North College
Sara St. at Harmon Dr.184South College
Sara St. at Veteran's Pkwy186South College
Savannah Square278South College
School of Kinesiology132Park and Ride
School of Kinesiology282Haley West
Shelby Center218Magnolia
Shelby Center601Magnolia
Smith Museum of Art200Fine Arts
Softball Complex228Park and Ride
South College St. at East Longleaf Dr.456South Donahue
South College St. at East University Dr.262South College
South Donahue Residence Hall120Park and Ride
South Donahue Residence Halls269South Quad-East Campus
South Quad Parking Deck195South Quad-East Campus
Southern Edge273South Donahue
Stadium Edge217West Glenn
Summer Wind280North Donahue
Summit at Glenn131Magnolia
Swann's Trailer Park II536South Auburn
Swingle Hall180South Quad-East Campus

TStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Tau Kappa Epsilon166Haley West
Telfair B. Peet Theatre180South Quad-East Campus
Terra Nova Apartments130Magnolia
Terrell Dining Hall281South Quad-East Campus
Thach Ave. at Cove Ct.711East Glenn
The Beacon290College Loop
The Brookes283Webster Road
The Connection288South Donahue
The Edge259South Donahue
The Garden District175South Donahue
The Grove216West Campus
The Grove300Old Row-West Parking
The Grove258West Glenn
The Hub113Samford-Shug Jordan
The Social #1296Longleaf
296South Auburn
The Social #2297Longleaf
297South Auburn
The View (Inbound)310North Donahue
The View (Outbound)129North Donahue
The Village291Haley West
291Old Row-West Parking
Tiger Suites253West Glenn
Tullahoma Dr. at Shelton Mill Rd.270North College

UStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
University Apartments253West Glenn

VStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
VCOM (Inbound)263College Loop
VCOM (Outbound)100College Loop
Village Dining Hall220West Campus
220West Glenn
Village Dining Hall282Haley West
Village Dining Hall291Haley West
291Old Row-West Parking
Village North (Inbound)311North Donahue
Village North (Outbound)134North Donahue

WStop Code(s)Line Name(s)
Wallace Building220West Campus
220West Glenn
Wallace Building291Haley West
291Old Row-West Parking
Webster Crossing302Webster Road
Wellness Kitchen120Park and Ride
West Magnolia Ave. at Hemlock Dr.300West Glenn
West Parking Lot122Old Row-West Parking
West Parking Lot124Old Row-West Parking
124West Campus
West Parking Lot304Haley West
West Village Parking Lot220West Campus
220West Glenn
West Village Parking Lot291Old Row-West Parking
Williamsburg Place278South College
Woodland Hills Apartments308North Donahue
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