Technical Services

IMS has multiple support specialists whose duties include maintaining the core software and hardware upon which users rely to perform their duties. This group serves as the point of contact for problem-resolution.

Under Technical Services, there are four areas: database administration, systems administration, help desk, and a function that is planned for the future, web-programming. Technical personnel monitor the entire scope of the production platform, including the connectivity, the machines, data-storage, and environmental factors, such as power and temperature. Additionally, they oversee security for the Advance® application, and the alumni and development local area network. They configure desktops and laptops for users, and ensure that industry-leading products for standard office functions and for anti-virus protection are installed properly. The IT specialists aid users with the purchase of mobile communications devices and GPS units, and they maintain an inventory of certain computer accessories. Perhaps their most valuable service to users is the help desk support. Whether a question arises about the functionality of a PC software product, or a user reports that a printer on the Alumni and Development network is malfunctioning, the help desk team is available to assist. Often, advice given by phone is adequate, and the issue is addressed. If needed, a member of the support staff will visit the user directly and devote whatever time is required to answer specific questions, or to diagnose and correct an equipment failure.

Department Staff

Charlie Saliba
Information Tech Manager
Phone: (334) 844-1490

Chad Ingram
IT Specialist
Phone: (334) 844-1122

Samuel Dockery
IT Specialist
Phone: (334) 844-7025

Last Updated: Mar. 12, 2014