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Section Eight Part H.    Year End Giving


During the Christmas break, the DOs are asked to volunteer one-half day to be on call for year-end giving. The DOs are able to work this shift either at the Alumni Center or at their home. When the remaining staff returns from the holidays, mail may contain checks for charitable contributions for which the donor is entitled to a deduction in the previous year. In order for checks to be booked with a December 31 date for the previous year, the envelope must be kept as evidence and presented to Accounting with the check(s). Otherwise, they will be processed according to normal procedures and be dated on the day of processing.

If your donor expects to make a gift during the holidays, strongly urge him/her to send a check by U.S. mail as opposed to utilizing a credit card. The IRS deems a gift to be deductible when a check is mailed but only on the processing date when made by credit card. Since mail service is only sporadic during the holiday break at the end of the year, it is not always possible to identify the credit card payments for processing before December 31. If a donor is insistent upon making a donation by credit card during the holidays, the donor should be strongly encouraged to make the gift on-line.





Last Updated: August 10, 2017