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Section Eight Part E.    Budgets


Accounting works with the Development staff to prepare annual budget requests, which include detailed descriptions of the anticipated expenses. Constituency budgets and a major portion of the Constituency Development Officer(s) salaries are paid for by the respective college/school/unit restricted funds. Constituency budgets must have approval from the appropriate Dean or Director before it will be approved by the Vice President. Remaining Development budgets are paid from AUFs unrestricted funds. All budgets must be approved by the Vice President for Development.,

Total salaries will be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, but the relative funding of these salaries is determined by a Services and Facilities Agreement between AU and AUF or other related entity, if applicable. The budget requests will be used to provide a summary of funding needs to the Vice President for Development and the Assistant Treasurer, along with the estimated revenue available from AUF or other related entity, if applicable, and the University. They will use these to request funding and, based on the funding ultimately approved, individual budgets may be adjusted.

The AUF has assigned budget orgs in the Banner accounting system the same number as used by AU. Each budget area will normally have the ability to spend funds within both entities; however, the total budget will be maintained in the AUF org. Expenditures charged to AUs (Banner chart A) budget(s) will be reimbursed and charged against the AUFs (Banner chart F) budget(s) using the appropriate chart F org. The combined expenditures may not exceed the final approved total budget. Therefore, should additional funds be required, a request, which has been approved by any Dean, Director, or AVP as appropriate, must be submitted to the VP for Development through the Development Administrative Officer.




Last Updated: August 10, 2017