Frequently Asked Questions

Is AUF tax exempt?
No, AUF is required to pay sales tax, which should be added to the vendor's invoice. 

What is the procedure if an invoice does NOT include tax?
If the vendor is in the state of Alabama, they should be contacted by the department and asked to re-bill the invoice, including the tax. If the vendor is out-of-state, Dev. Accounting will add the appropriate amount of sales tax.

Should tax be added when paying for a service?
No, tax should not be paid for a service. Sales tax should only be added to tangible items.

Can supplies be ordered from a wholesaler?
No, a wholesaler sells to individual retail companies which in turn re-sale the products.

How do new vendors register in Banner?
New vendors will need to register on the Auburn University Vendor Center. Once they have completed their registration, a vendor number will be issued within 2-3 days, after vendor information has been approved by PPS. Vendors will be notified by e-mail once they are approved.

Can AUF pay for gift cards/ gift certificates?
No, this is not an allowable expense.

Can AUF pay for alcohol at receptions or guest meals?
When entertaining official guests/ donors, AUF will pay for alcohol as long as the quantity and price is within reason and the business purpose is documented. Also, a guest list should be included with the voucher.

Is personal consumption of alcohol allowed when traveling?
No, this would be at the employee's personal expense, unless entertaining an official guest of Auburn University.

What is the allowable amount for guest meals/ tips?
Guest meals should not exceed $90 per person and tips should be 15%-18%, before tax.

Can AUF pay for non-AU events for entertaining donors?
Tickets to non-AU events, such as plays, concerts, etc. will not be used as cultivation tools due to the difficulty of conducting business conversations. Any exception to this policy requires the approval of the appropriate AVP.

How is mileage calculated for AU employees?
Mileage is calculated from place of employment to destination, using the IRS set rate. Standard mileage rates are set to the four regional airports. (See AUF Travel Policy)

Is there a preferred rental car company that AU employees can use?
AU has selected Enterprise/National Car Rental as the preferred vehicle supplier. Additional information is available here.

Should rental car insurance be purchased while traveling?
No, the rental insurance is not reimbursable and should be waived. Employees are covered by the University policy while traveling on business. A printable letter can be accessed on the Development intranet, if proof is needed.

While traveling on AU business, should Government rates be used?
Yes, government rates should be used for both hotel rooms and car rentals.

Will AUF reimburse for spouses' travel?
On occasion it is beneficial for a spouse to travel or attend an event, dinner, etc. This must be pre-approved by the Dean, or the President of Development when spouses' inclusion is deemed appropriate.

Is the payment for spouse travel taxable?
IRS guidelines state that even though beneficial, unless the spouse is also an employee or the business could not be conducted in the absence of the spouse, the payment is taxable to the employee.

What receipts are needed when submitting a travel voucher for reimbursement?
Required receipts include: hotel, rental car, fuel for rental car, parking, cabs, airfare, and itemized receipts for all guest meals.

Are memorials an allowable expense through AUF?
Contributions of up to $50 are allowed upon the death of an AU employee, an immediate family member, or donor if the family designates a qualified charity in lieu of flowers. The charity must be registered in Banner in order to process a check.

What is the allowable amount AUF will reimburse for airfare?
Airfare should not exceed $500, unless prior approval has been made by the appropriate AVP. All air travel should be at "coach" fares.

What is the allowable amount for lodging costs?
Actual lodging costs (before tax) will be paid up to $125 for in-state and $180 for out-of-state. Significant increases should be approved in advance. (See AUF Travel Policy)

Can employees be reimbursed for travel expenses prior to the trip?
If an employee has paid for travel expenses in advance, such as airfare, hotel deposits, conference registration, etc. they can be reimbursed, providing the proper information. This would include any paid receipts, credit card statements, or some form of proof-of-payment.

Is there a corporate credit card available to AU employees for business travel?
Yes, employees may apply for an American Express to be used for business travel. Information and applications can be obtained by contacting PPS at 844-7771.

Where can paid invoices/ reimbursements be located in Banner?
All invoices and reimbursements that have been paid can be found using the Banner screen FAIVNDH.

Last Updated: June 25, 2012