Student Affairs Questions and Answers

  1. Is ''Leadership Training'' an allowable expenditure?
    Rule of thumb, when dealing with students, on campus is okay, off campus is not. Recommendation, consult with Procurement and Payment Services to ensure the planned event will be allowable under Alabama state laws and University policies.

  2. Can we give promotional items to members of an organization without making the item available to all University students?
    The state of Alabama has allowed the purchase of low cost (~$5) promotional items as long as the items are available to all. If the item is to be given away at a specific event, the item must be available to all at the event. In addition, the item must be promotional in nature. The name and contact number should be included on the product.

  3. Can an organization provide T-shirts to a specific number of students in an organization to advertise a particular event?
    T-shirts may be used to advertise an event. These shirts do not have to be provided to everyone in the organization. However, one must not provide shirts constantly to the same students and must use judgment in the number of times T-shirts are used for advertising purposes.

  4. Do we have to remit sales tax on T-shirt sales?
    Yes. The University must pay sales tax on all unrelated business income. The University must remit sales tax on T-shirts sold in the AU bookstore, and the University must remit sales tax on T-shirts sold be student organizations.

  5. In the past WEGL and Jubilee Junction (off campus) has traded advertising for an afternoon for the employees to play putt-putt. There are no expenditures. Is this okay?
    This is an issue WEGL should discuss with Risk Management concerning students off campus. In addition, the WEGL leadership should review the Alabama ethics commissionís regulations to ensure there are no violations occurring.

  6. Do all brochures and/or flyers produced by organizations need to go to the Office of Communication and Marketing?
    Based on our understanding of the Printing policy available at, ''Any type of print order, including full color printing or duplicating-and regardless of job size, quantity, monetary value, or whether the job will be printed on or off campus-requires as a first step the completion of an appropriate online Copying Order Form or Printing Order Form.''

  7. When food is purchased, do we have to purchase food from AU?
    If the event is in Foy, the food must be purchased from Sodexo. If the event is in another location (on campus) another vendor may be used.

  8. Can a student organization provide refreshments for student committee members attending a committee meeting?
    Yes, in most cases. However, the purchase must be supported by an original receipt detailing all items purchased, a listing of the attendees and their affiliation to the meeting and to AU. The purpose of the meeting must also be documented.

  9. How long are we required to maintain cancelled checks and financial data?
    The University refers to the state archive policy found at

Last Updated: January 24, 2011

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