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Internal Auditing's charter provides free and unrestricted access to AU records and personnel. With this access comes a great responsibility to maintain confidentiality of information and records accessed during our audit projects. To further emphasize the confidential nature of our work and the need for independence in carrying out our engagements, each employee within the AU Internal Auditing Department has the following signed statement on file in our department.

AU Internal Auditor
Confidentiality and Independence Statement

As an employee within the Auburn University Internal Auditing Department, I understand that I may work with data that is confidential in nature and in many cases protected by federal or state laws. I agree to the following with respect to carrying out audit projects and assignments:

  • I will not knowingly violate University or departmental policies, state or federal laws governing privacy of information.
  • I will appropriately maintain and protect the confidentiality of any information or data to which I may have access, including audit files and reports.
  • I will not seek to personally benefit or permit others to personally benefit from any University data or information that I may encounter during my work as an Internal Auditing employee.
  • I will seek to comply with the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • I will bring any known conflict of interest which would inhibit my independence in carrying out an engagement to the management of the Internal Auditing Department.
  • Upon terminating employment with the Internal Auditing Department, I agree to return all documents, equipment, property, reports, correspondence or other such items in my possession that belong to Auburn University. I further agree not to keep copies of any such items.


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