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  • Corresponding Policy Title: Family Medical Leave Policy
  • Procedure Owner: HR Benefits
  • Related Policies: Family and Medical Leave Policy
  • Forms: Listed belowalso included on the Human Resources website
  • Effective: February 2018
  • Last Updated: February 2018
  • Responsible University Department: Payroll Benefits and Records
  • Procedure Contact: Executive Director, Payroll, Benefits and Records

I. Procedures 

Requesting FMLA

  • Employee notifies Supervisor and/or HR Liaison in the department of their request for FMLA leave.
  • HR Liaison provides the employee with the “Notice of Rights and responsibilities” and the “Medical Certification form”.
  • Employee requests completion of the medical certification form from their physician.
  • If employee is requesting FMLA for an eligible family member, employee submits medical certification form to family member’s physician for completion.
  • Employee or physician returns the medical certification form to Auburn University Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources within 15 days of FMLA request.

Approval and Designation of FMLA

  • Benefits Coordinator certifies the FMLA leave or requests additional information if needed.
  • Benefits Coordinator notifies department HR Liaison of approval and amount of time approved for FMLA by copy of Designation Notice.
  • Benefits Coordinator sends Designation Notice to employee notifying FMLA approval.
  • If FMLA is designated for the entire 12 weeks, Benefit Coordinator notifies the employee by letter to indicate the end date of the approved FMLA leave.

Tracking of FMLA

  • HR Liaison/Timekeeper enters time for employee on FMLA leave in Kronos.
  • FMLA-sick, FMLA-vacation, or FMLA-no pay are earn code options for FMLA leave in Kronos.
  • Employee is responsible for letting HR Liaison/Timekeeper know which FMLA earn code to use to ensure the correct FMLA time is entered.


  • All intermittent leave will be approved for up to six months at a time.
  • After the initial six months ends, the employee is responsible for notifying HR Liaison or Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources of request for recertification of intermittent leave.
  • Employee is responsible for notifying HR Liaison or Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources of request for FMLA extension at which point:
  • HR liaison or Benefits Coordinator provides employee with a new medical certification form for the employee to have completed by physician and returned to the Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources.
  • Benefits Coordinator recertifies the FMLA leave and completes and sends the medical designation notice to the department and to the employee.

Return to Work Status after FMLA leave

Employee must submit a return to work notice from the treating physician to HR Liaison before being allowed to return to work. The HR Liaison will submit a copy of the return to work documentation to the Benefits Coordinator.

II. Definitions

All definitions are in the policy document

III. Forms

Last updated: 03/08/2018