6.0 Records

6.1 Types of Records - The official personnel records for all employees (except student employees) of the University shall be maintained in the Department of Human Resources. Documents made a part of an employee's record shall include application forms, resumés, vitas, Personnel Action Forms, and related materials. No document may be incorporated into an employee's record unless that employee has previously been afforded an opportunity to examine the document. Medical and payroll records shall not be placed in the official personnel file.

6.2 Access to Personnel Files - Personnel files are the property of the University and access to the information they contain is restricted. Generally, only management officials and representatives of the University who have a legitimate, verifiable reason to review information in a file are allowed to do so.

6.2.1 With advance notice of one business day, an employee may review material in his or her file but only in the presence of a representative of the Department of Human Resources. Such examination must be done within normal business hours. The employee will be charged a reasonable fee for copying any requested materials.

6.2.2 Information in a personnel file will not be disclosed to anyone outside the University without a signed consent from the employee specifically authorizing the release of the information, except as listed below:

a) Basic information such as employment, work telephone number, and job title may be verified without notification to the employee.

b) The Department of Human Resources will comply with lawfully issued subpoenas and judicial orders.

6.3 Personnel Data Changes - It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly notify the Department of Human Resources, through his or her supervisor, of any changes in personal information. Personal mailing addresses, telephone numbers, number and names of dependents, individuals to be contacted in the event of an emergency, educational accomplishments, and other such status reports should be accurate and current at all times. The Personal Data Form (PDF) is used for this purpose. See Appendix 6 for a copy of this form.

6.3.1 Any employee who questions the accuracy or completeness of information contained in his or her file should notify his or her supervisor, who will apprise the Department of Human Resources. The Department of Human Resources reserves authority to make the final determination as to the contents of such file. However, an employee is entitled to place a brief, signed statement in the file identifying the alleged errors or inaccuracies.

6.4 Retention of Records - Personnel files shall be retained indefinitely for all active employees. Records of employees who have terminated University employment shall be retained in archival form for 50 years after termination.