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Temporary Employee
Administrative Support Training

This training is intended to assist temporary employees in administrative jobs and other employees unable to attend regularly scheduled Human Resource Development courses with learning about the University's systems and certain financial and human resource operations.

There are seven separate programs:

Program Title Description
Introduction and University Organization introduction to this series of programs
Mary Prather
University Systems Overview systems that the University uses to support student activities, financial operations, and the human resource system
Michael Miller
Business Office Operations financial operations in budgeting, payroll processing, benefits, procurement, payment services, travel, and purchasing card procedures
Cindy Selman
Student Financial Services Collections cash reporting and collections
Linda Ledbetter
Contracts & Grants Accounting Contracts and Grants financial reporting
Sheila Duffield
Sponsored Programs the operation of Sponsored Programs
Martha Taylor
AU Human Resources employment and hiring, job classification and compensation, employee assistance and recogntion, performance management, and leave
Angela Erlandson





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