Supervisor Pathways

IMPORTANT: We appreciate your interest in Supervisor Pathways. Due to high interest, all classes for 2020 are booked! Registration for classes that will be offered in 2021 will begin in late 2020. We will notify campus when registration is under way for 2021 classes. 

As an Auburn supervisor, you need to develop and improve your managerial skills on an ongoing basis as your career develops and you meet new managerial challenges.

Auburn University’s Supervisor Pathways is available to equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage a significant asset—its people. Pathways will help you become a problem solver, conflict manager, coach, and motivator. You will learn to be effective, modeling excellence in communication, teamwork, collaboration, performance management, and demonstrating respect for Auburn’s diverse working community.


Supervisor Pathways is designed to provide Auburn University Supervisors with meaningful knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to be an effective manager and a developer of others.

The Pathways program includes a range of classes designed with AU in mind. Classes are free and open to all faculty and staff over a multi-year schedule.

To “complete the path”, participants will work their way through five phases which include a Supervisor Orientation. Supervisor Pathway’s first phase includes a one-day training covering topics from Campus Relations to Payroll, to Compensation. The afternoon will include MG400: Management Fundamentals. Phase 2 is divided into two parts. Part 1 classes should be taken within the first six months of becoming a supervisor and Part 2 classes should be taken before the first year of supervising. Phases 3 through 5 continue supervisor development with classes in human resources, teamwork, management, and office administration.

Phase 1

Each quarter AU Human Resources Development will offer two Supervisor Orientations for new supervisors and for those who wish to brush up on their supervisor skills. Morning sessions feature information from each HR department. The afternoon session includes MG400: Management Fundamentals.

Phase 2

Part 1 (Taken within the first six months)

  • MG430: Supervisor Basics
  • MG420: Coaching Fundamentals
  • MG450e: Behavioral Interviewing
  • LG120e: Americans with Disabilities Act
  • LG140e: Family Medical Leave Act
  • LG160e: Fair Labor Standards Act'
  • LG180e: Title IX
  • LG200e: Basic HIPAA training
  • DI200: Contemporary Issues in Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
  • HLE420: Reasonable Suspicion

Part 2 (Taken before the end of the first year)

  • MG500e: Introduction to Performance Management
  • MG510e: Performance Management Fundamentals
  • MG410e: Feedback in a Flash
  • LG120: Legally Effective Hiring Processes
  • LG140: Preventing and Managing Absenteeism
  • LG160: Employee Misconduct
  • The Weagle Worker Way
  • Temporary Employment Services

Phases 3-5

  • Complete two Leadership & Supervisory courses of your choice per year for three years.
  • Complete two Communication and Teamwork courses of your choice per year for three years.
  • Complete any course of your choosing per year for three years.


Employees who aspire toward a supervisory role work toward Supervisor Pathways completion at their own pace and complete classes in any order. There is no time limit for aspiring supervisors to complete the path.

Last updated: 02/25/2020