Supervisor Pathways

Developing new, current and aspiring AU supervisors

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Whether you are a current, new or aspiring Auburn supervisor, developing and improving your managerial skills on an ongoing basis will help you meet new challenges in every area of your career.

Auburn University’s Supervisor Pathways is available to equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage a significant asset — its people. Pathways will help you become a problem solver, conflict manager, coach and motivator.

You will learn to be effective, modeling excellence in communication, teamwork, collaboration and performance management, while demonstrating respect for Auburn’s diverse working community.


By the Numbers
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What if I'm Not a Supervisor?

Aspiring supervisors are welcome to join the Pathway! Employees who seek a supervisory role work toward Supervisor Pathways certification alongside their program peers over a two-year period.


How Does it Work?

Supervisor Pathways is designed to provide Auburn University Supervisors with meaningful knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to be an effective manager and a developer of others.

The Pathways program includes a range of classes designed with AU in mind. Classes are free and open to all faculty and staff over a two-year schedule.

To “complete the path”, participants will:

  • Attend the mandatory, full-day Supervisor Pathways orientation

  • Complete 27 classes (1/3 of the program)

  • Participate in a year-long Community of Practice (1/3 of the program)

  • Complete the Pathways Project (1/3 of the program) that will connect course work and learnings to operations or process improvement in the participant’s current position.

COMING IN EARLY 2022! A new syllabus packet with additional information on the Pathway will be made available. 

Pathways certificate holders who apply for a supervisory role within Auburn University will receive six months of supervisory experience credit. This credit will be counted by Employment Services toward meeting minimum supervisory requirements, and by Compensation along with the hiring department for determining a salary if a position offer is extended.

NEW! Those wishing to participate in the Supervisor Pathways program will require access to a computer for both mandatory participation in the Community of Practice and to complete coursework. If you do not have a computer provided by the university, and need computer access, let us know; we'd like to help.

A Message from AU Leadership


How Do I Apply?

IMPORTANT: Start dates and registration information for the next Pathway will be announced in the spring of 2022

  • NEW!  All applicants are now required to submit an Enrollment Agreement when registering for Supervisor Pathways 2022. Prior to registration, interested employees will need to visit the Supervisor Pathways website (, review the syllabus packet and discuss this opportunity with their supervisor. Applicants who do not submit a signed enrollment agreement will lose their registration spot for 2022.

  • Note that Supervisor Pathways Orientation is a full day, mandatory event. No exceptions will be made, so plan accordingly to attend from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

  • To apply, select the date that you would prefer to attend Supervisor Pathways Orientation. (Select only one date.)

  • Successfully admitted applicants will be notified in late November.


For More Information

For more information on the program, email

Last updated: 09/10/2021