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Development Plans for Administrative Positions

Human Resource Development has prepared the job-specific training portions of development plans for most of the University's administrative positions; each plan is tied to the requirements of the job description: Each essential requirement of the job has been addressed and, where appropriate, courses to assist in the development of that requirement have been listed. These plans will, therefore, assist employees in administrative positions and their supervisors in identifying job-specific training that will enhance knowledge, skills and performance and improve an employee’s ability to perform the job.Auburn University Human Resource Development logo

Keep in mind that comprehensive development plans should include training and development activities in at least three areas:
Unit, job-specific, and/or technical training designed to improve an employee’s technical or professional knowledge for his/her specific job; what an employee does on a job;
General professional development that stresses the improvement and expansion of skills and abilities that play a major role in how one does a job; such skills as teamwork, customer/stakeholder focus, diversity commitment, leadership, and effective communication; and
Professional development activities that enhance professional expertise and foster an environment that promotes continued learning and improvement; e.g., annual regional/national organization participation, university service; or continuing education or university courses that contribute to maintaining certification requirements or otherwise enhance professional development in a specific, narrow area.
The plans that we have provided here are intended to address only the job-specific training in a development plan.  Plans for general professional development and specific professional development activities should be addressed as part of the planning phase of performance management.

To get started on job-specific training, select the employee’s job group from those listed below and review the training sessions recommended for that particular job. Then, the employee and supervisor should meet and set specific development plans that will meet individual employee needs. Supervisors and employees can use the Development Plan Worksheet to record the development plan.

To view the detailed descriptions for the courses listed, refer to the paper copy of the Training and Development Guide. An online version of the Guide is also available. HRD publishes a "Schedule of Courses" prior to the start of every semester. The “Schedule” will be mailed to you through campus mail prior to the start of every semester; you can also obtain the current semester's “Schedule” on line. To register for the courses, log into Fast-Train.

Participation in the training and development opportunities listed here will be reviewed as part of a prospective program promotion in a job family; however the employee must also meet any development and training goals established by the supervisor as part of annual performance planning.  Additionally, these job-specific and supervisor-assigned training and development requirements are only one element required for promotion: In order to be eligible for a program promotion in a job family, (1) the employee must have demonstrated increased competency, (2) met all specified criteria for the advanced position, and (3) performed at a satisfactory level for the period of time specified for his/her current level.

If you have questions concerning the development plans for these administrative positions, please contact Mary Elizabeth Fukai at  or call 844-7391. 

Questions concerning developmental activities for other job families can be directed to the contact listed below:

Academic Advisors - Paula Stokes Clark at or 844-5390
Information Technology - Cindy Selman at or 844-7340
Outreach - Ralph Foster at or 844-5118

Click on your job title listed below to view the recommended curriculum for improving your job performance:

Admin Support Assistant - Acad REQUIRED
Admin Support Assistant - Admin  
Admin Support Associate - Acad REQUIRED
Admin Support Associate - Admin  
Admin Support Specialist - Acad REQUIRED
Admin Support Specialist - Admin  
Coordinator, Business/Admin Services  
Executive Assistant/Business Manager, Division  
Executive Assistant/Business Manager, College  
Executive Assistant/Business Manager, School  
Executive Coordinator - Academic  
Executive Support Assistant REQUIRED*
Executive Support Specialist - Level 1  
Lead Administrative Assistant - Acad  
Lead Administrative Assistant - Admin  
Office Supervisor - Admin  
Office Supervisor - Academic  

* Effective 10/1/2008

Last Updated: April 3, 2015