Development Plans for Administrative Positions

Development Plans for Administrative Positions

To get started on job-specific training, select the employee’s job group from those listed below and review the training sessions recommended for that particular job. Then, the employee and supervisor should meet and set specific development plans that will meet individual employee needs. Supervisors and employees can use the Development Plan Worksheet to record the development plan.

HRD publishes a "Schedule of Courses" prior to the start of every semester. The “Schedule” will be mailed to you through campus mail prior to the start of every semester; you can also obtain the current semester's “Schedule” online. To register for the courses, log into Fast-Train.

Participation in the training and development opportunities listed here will be reviewed as part of a prospective program promotion in a job family; however, the employee must also meet any development and training goals established by the supervisor as part of annual performance planning.  Additionally, these job-specific andsupervisor-assigned training and development requirements are only one element required for promotion: In order to be eligible for a program promotion in a job family, (1) the employee must have demonstrated increased competency, (2) met all specified criteria for the advanced position, and (3) performed at a satisfactory level for the period of time specified for his/her current level.

If you have questions concerning the development plans for these administrative positions, email  or call 844-1693. 

Click on your job title listed below to view the recommended curriculum for improving your job performance:


Last updated: 02/09/2018