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Online Spanish Language Training

Free Spanish language training MP3 files and script downloads are available to University employees as a public service of the University of California, used with permission.  This program offers advice on learning another language; provides general interest audio tracks (greetings, polite expressions, around the office comments, common at-work questions, giving directions, health and safety terms, etc.); and includes Spanish vocabulary associated with agriculture.  The site is intended to help employees communicate better with Spanish-speaking employees or customers and uses a “neutral” Spanish except where vocabulary differs, in which case preference is given to Spanish from Mexico. The MP3 files are "zipped" (compressed) -- you'll need an unzipping program in order to download them. One good, free unzipping program is ZipGenius. The MP3 files may be played on your computer or burned to a CD.   We also invite your comments on the usefulness of this training.  Questions about and comments on this program can be directed to Ben Smith (334-844-4145 or

To view the program, go to this location

Introduction to Performance Management

For supervisors new to that role or someone interested in learning more about the University’s performance management process for Administrative Professional and University Staff employees, the information in the slide show “The Supervisor’s Introduction to the Performance Management Process:  Pre-Class Study Material” will be very helpful.  Go to this link to view the slides:

Synchronous Delivery of the HR Legal Series

Every semester, Human Resource Development offers a series of ten courses detailing the legal responsibilities of supervisors for employment decisions in the university environment and broadcasts each session in that series over the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s closed TV network.  Broadcasts are live and originate from the classroom where the class is being conducted. 

These are the classes delivered synchronously:  Introduction to the Series, Conducting Legally Effective Interviews, Preventing and Managing Absenteeism, Employee Discipline and Poor Conduct, Preventing Sexual Harassment, The Fair Labor Standards Act, Privacy Rules and HIPAA, The Family Medical Leave Act, Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Returning an Employee to Acceptable Job Performance.

To see a schedule of these courses visit the HRD Web page (link below) and click on “Schedule”:  .  To learn more about delivery online, contact Mary Elizabeth Fukai in Human Resource Development at or 844-7391. 

The Supervisor’s Orientation CD

Human Resource Development (HRD) has prepared a set of compact discs (CDs) containing a supervisor’s orientation program intended to help new or newly appointed supervisors assimilate the knowledge needed to function in a supervisory capacity at Auburn University. 

The orientation program attempts to consistently and quickly inform new supervisors of their responsibilities to act for the University by explaining the policies, procedures, and systems in three general areas of University administration: (1) assets and resources; (2) services; and (3) using assets, resources, and services safely.  The information about these three areas is intended to familiarize the viewer with the elements of University administration that will be helpful to discharging supervisory responsibilities.  

We ask users of the CDs to keep them as a reference after they have viewed them.

To find out more about the CDs and their availability, contact the Director of HRD, Ben Smith  (844-4145 or

Understanding Classification and Compensation

In March 2007, Auburn University introduced a new classification and compensation program that was the result of a three year study of how we classify (create a hierarchical structure of jobs usually arranged into classes or pay grades according to some form of job evaluation) and compensate (how we pay in order to be competitive with the marketplace and equitable within the University) Administrative Professional (AP) and University Staff (US) jobs.  As the first step in implementing the new system, all supervisors of AP and US employees were asked to view a one hour and forty minute presentation to train them on the new system and prepare them to discuss it with the employees they supervise.  That video, “Understanding Classification and Compensation,” covers such things as job descriptions, salary grade structure, promotions, and the placement of jobs into the salary grade structure.  The program is a good introduction to classification and compensation.

To view the program, go to this location.

The program is one hour and forty minutes long, but is broken into seven segments with each segment explaining a particular aspect of classification and compensation; thus the viewer can view the whole program at once or watch it in smaller segments.

Drug Testing Training for Employees and Supervisors

All employees of the University, staff and faculty, are required to view the video training program designated for employees. Additionally,
all supervisors must also view the video designated for supervisors.

Go to this web page and sign in with your Auburn User ID and password.
 All Employees’ Training: The employee training has the title DTPE4100-001 and takes one hour and 10 minutes to view. There are four possible ways to view the training, and we recommend “Stream.” To download a copy of the slides for the employees’ training, click here
 Supervisors’ Training: The supervisor program is designated DTPS4000-001 and takes one hour and 45 minutes to view. There are four possible ways to view the program, and we recommend “Stream.” To download a copy of the slides for the supervisors’ training, click here

Before viewing the videos, we recommend that you read the policy found at this site:

Auburn University is an EEO/Vet/Disability Employer


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