TO:             The Supervisor of a New Employee



SUBJECT: Orienting New Employees




While we in Human Resources provide a centralized orientation for new employees, most of the burden for providing a welcome to the new work site and an explanation of the specifics of what the position entails will fall on you the supervisor.



The subjects that we will cover in the centralized orientation are big picture items intended to make the new person feel welcome and start them off on the right path. We go over general, university-wide subjects, so you will need to fill in the details.



In order to have the total orientation process operate smoothly and present a consistent welcome to the new person, we suggest that you use the attached Department Orientation Program checklist to help you cover all those

details. We recommend that you print out the checklist and use it as a guide, tailoring the items to fit your particular situation. Please note that we have

also provided you an explanation of the centralized orientation that we conduct.



If you have any questions about this checklist or the whole orientation process or suggestions for items in the checklist, do not hesitate to contact me or my staff.







Patrick Deery

Director, Human Resource Development