HRD Course Approval Changes

HRD Course Approval Changes

Note: This email was shared with AU employees on July 23, 2019.

AU Employees and Supervisors,

We want to make you aware of some changes to the HR Development (HRD) course approval process that occurs through Fast-Train. These changes will begin with classes that are offered during this fall semester (2019).

  • In most cases, supervisors are no longer required to approve a pending enrollment for a direct report who registers for a course.

  • There are a few exceptions, such as fee-based courses or courses with special circumstances. These exceptions will be listed in the course descriptions on Fast-Train. If the course is fee-based or if there are special circumstances as noted in the course description, the supervisor will be required to approve the enrollment.

  • For any HRD class, the employee and the employee’s supervisor will receive an enrollment notification. The supervisor will also receive a notification informing them as to whether the employee attended and/or completed the course. For this reason, if the employee is unable to attend, he or she should cancel their enrollment as soon as possible.

  • Because of this change, AU Human Resources strongly recommends that employees and supervisors discuss HRD course offerings along with other professional development opportunities – especially those courses and opportunities that will require time away from the office. The Performance Management Planning Form is a tool that the employee and supervisor can use to help determine which class(es) would be beneficial to take.

  • For more information, email

Last updated: 07/22/2019