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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I register for HRD courses?
A - You may register for HRD classes by completing a Registration Form, or using our online Fast-Train system.
To register using a Registration Form, click here. Enter the information for the course for which you wish to register. Then click on the Print button. Mail your registration form to Human Resource Development, 1550 East Glenn Avenue, Auburn University, AL 36849.

Here's how you get into Fast-Train: The sign-in for Fast-Train is located within the AU Access portal:  Sign into AU Access from the University’s main web page; go to “Employee Services”; on that page under “Professional Development” click on “Fast-Train,” and you will be taken directly to your Fast-Train page. 
Note: You will either be in the system as a level 1 user or level 2 user/supervisor. Those at level 1 can only see their own training history, but those at level 2 can see their history and that of the employees they supervise.
Registering for a course:
By clicking on the “Courses” button on the left side of the screen and then “Search Courses”, opens a window which allows the user to search for any course in the catalog by inputting the course name or course code.  If unknown, key words can be used to identify courses. The Additional Filters function refines the search by course major (majors are pre-defined lists of related courses e.g., Customer Service or Effective Supervision Major), or delivery method.

Once you have typed in a search parameter, click on the Search button to pull up the course or list of related courses.

The search results are sorted with the most relevant course at the top. The list can be sorted by course code or name by clicking on the appropriate titles. The Course list contains information for each course: the course code, the name and a brief description of the course; Delivery Method (e.g. classroom or e-learning.), Cost and Action. The Action column will display options to ENROLL in the course, VIEW OFFERINGS or ADD INTEREST.

For classroom training, when a user clicks on the “Enroll” button, a separate screen will appear with tabs that show the course Details with an Enroll button to continue with the enrollment process.  Clicking on any of the Course Name links will allow the user to view the course details. Course Details include Name, Code, Cost, Course Description, Target Audience, Prerequisites and other information.

After clicking on the Enroll button your manager will be notified that their approval is pending, and the course will show up on your Home tab of your Home page under Self-Study. You can monitor the approval status there. You will also get an email notification when the approval has been completed.

There are over 100 eLearning courses available that a user can take at any time on their computer.  To find online courses, select eLearning from the Delivery Method filter and click on the Search button.   To enroll, select the Launch button on the Course Details screen.
All notification will be by email, and you should receive emails keeping you posted on your status in that course.
Viewing a training history: Go to "History" tab and pull up your training history. It should be complete; if it isn't let Ben or Mary Elizabeth know.

Additional  questions can be directed to Mary Elizabeth Fukai (844-7391 or ) or Ben Smith (844-4145 or

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Last Updated: April 3, 2015

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