Hiring Manager Checklist for Employment Process

Hiring Manager Checklist for Employment Process

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Beginning of the search

  • Research and gather all required information regarding the desired position to enable a discussion

    with the Hiring Supervisor:

    • Position Number and Budgeted Salary

    • FOAP for salary

    • Department Org Number and Division Number

    • Check Distribution Number and Location Number

    • Job Classification Code and FLSA status

    • Effective Date of Vacancy and Incumbent’s Name

    • Job Description

Preparing the posting request

  • When you are ready to proceed, log into www.auemployment.com/hr and select “Create from Template” or “Create from Scratch”. Enter all information, edit and eliminate abbreviations.

  • Job Title: If the position is in a job family, it is strongly recommended that you post a minimum of two levels; consider “working titles” if needed for recruitment - seek guidance when needed.

  • Job Summary: Enter and/or edit the information in the Job Summary. This information needs be more specific to the duties and responsibilities that will be performed in the position. Use complete sentences. Please note that this information will be displayed in the Position Announcement in the recruitment efforts.

  • Minimum Qualifications: Minimum qualifications should be stated in sentence form. The degree

    requirements, required experience and knowledge must reflect, at a minimum, the information

    found in the official Auburn University job description; it is critical to list the documents (i.e., cover letter, resume, etc.) in the minimum qualifications section.

  • Desired Qualifications: Desired qualifications are strongly recommended and should be stated in sentence form. Desired qualifications are a great resource for evaluating your pool of candidates in a more effective manner.

  • Salary Grade and Range: Enter the minimum of the salary grade that is being sought. This information can be found on the Job Description

  • Immediate Supervisor: Enter the supervisor of the position and the supervisor’s position number. If there is a change in the supervisor than what is reflected in Banner on the NBAPOSN screen, please contact HR Records for update of the record.

  • Responsible Hiring Manager: Your name should be entered in this location.

Proposed Recruitment Plan (FORM A):

  • Internal Search Only: Enter a Yes/No accordingly. Pre-approval must be provided by Human Resources (non-goal positions) or Affirmative Action/EEO (goal positions).

  • Search Committee: For any jobs in a grade 34 and up, enter search committee member names in the Recruitment Plan (FORM A).

  • Proposed Recruitment Plan (FORM A): Determine the appropriate recruitment outlets by reviewing the staff recruitment plan and accurately reflect the outlets on the Recruitment Plan (FORM A) tab.

  • Additional recruitment sources (list-serves, professional organizations, niche websites, etc.) are strongly encouraged to assist with outreach to qualified individuals to result in a qualified pool of applicants for review.

  • After completion of edits of the Posting Request, SAVE. Go to the “Printer Friendly Version” link and print information so you and the hiring supervisor can review and finalize the posting request.

  • Change the status to “Submit to Liaison” when you are ready to proceed. It is recommended that you email your HR Liaison to alert them that you have a posting ready for their review.

During the Recruitment Phase

  • Work with your HR Liaison for planning of a meeting with your search committee to conduct training and discussion of correct Auburn University policies, procedures and non-discriminatory laws.  Training/discussion should include the following:

    • Best practices in search procedures

    • Best practices in evaluation of candidate pool (evaluation tool and method)

    • Best practices in interviewing candidates (agendas, accommodations, questions)

    • Planning of a timeline of the selection (Ideally a search should be filled within 3 months)

    • Proper and timely communication with candidates

During the evaluation of applications

  • Stay up to date with the hiring supervisor and/or search committee of the evaluation and selection progress

  • Communication of the candidates selected for interview to the HR Liaison and to the Employment Specialist.

  • Address issues and seek guidance from HR liaison and the Employment Specialist to expedite a selection within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Entering justification of non-selected for interview candidates that will no longer be considered further. Remember to SAVE only, do not move status to Form B Complete at this time.

Conclusion of the Search

  • Notify the HR Liaison and Employment Specialist of completion of interview candidates and the finalist candidate. Provide a FOP for a charge of a background check.

  • The Employment Specialist will communicate to the HR Liaison via email a discussion of the level of hire and assessment of candidate’s experience and education.

  • The HR Liaison will discuss with the hiring supervisor and Hiring Manager the level of hire and assessment of the candidate’s experience and education decision.

  • The HR Liaison will communicate via email to the Employment Specialist in response to level of hire and assessment of candidate’s experience and education.

  • The Employment Specialist will communicate via email the salary referral to the HR Liaison. The HR Liaison will communicate to the Hiring Manager and Supervisor for discussion of salary decision.

  • The HR Liaison will communicate to the Employment Specialist of final salary determination after discussion with the hiring supervisor and Hiring Manager.

  • The Employment Specialist will communicate to the supervisor to provide narratives for the finalist and all other interviewees and reasons for non-selection for those who were not interviewed initiating the Hiring Manager to input the narratives into the Form B, at which time it should be changed to “Form B Complete”; cc: Hiring Manager and HR Liaison.

  • Email the HR Liaison that the justification (FORM B) of the candidate pool is ready for their review.

  • Employment Specialist will communicate to you of the approval to extend an offer. Work with the hiring supervisor of extending an offer and providing an offer letter to the candidate. (HR will provide a template offer letter for use).

  • Upon acceptance of the offer, provide a copy of the signed offer letter to your HR Liaison for sending to HR. Respond to the Employment Specialist with pertinent information as requested for scheduling orientation.

  • Communicate to the candidates, at a minimum, that were interviewed but not selected for the position. The Employment Specialist will provide the appropriate wording for use in the email or letter format of communication.

New Hire candidate

  • Communicate with or ensure communication with the candidate of choice for arrangements of completing new hire paperwork.

  • Coordination of the completion of the new hire paperwork by the hiring department:

    • Completion of I-9, section 1 by the employee no later than the first day of employment

    • Completion of the I-9, section 2 by the employer no later than the third day of employment

    • Completion of all tax forms

    • Completion of Personal Data Form

    • Completion of International paperwork, as applicable

  • Provide completed new hire paperwork to the HR Liaison. *Note that the new hire paperwork must be received in HR no later than the third day of employment.

Processes may vary by college or administrative unit; please consult with your Human Resources Liaison in the department to ensure that the hiring process is conducted smoothly and timely.

Human Resources Liaison will ensure and/or conduct training of Hiring Managers in their respective departments/units.

The hiring of foreign nationals will add additional steps in the hiring processes. Be aware of foreign national selected candidates to ensure policies & procedures are incorporated into process.

Last updated: 06/25/2019