What Information Will I Need?



WHAT INFORMATION WILL I NEED? Samford Hall on Auburn campus

  • Name and Social Security Number
  • Previous Name(s)
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Current and Previous Address Information for the Last Seven Years
  • Driver’s License Information – Number and State
  • Previous Employers for the Last Seven Years
    • Employer
    • Dates
    • City and State
    • Optional – Phone Number and Supervisor
  • Education – School(s) Attended in the Last Seven Years
    • School Name
    • Dates
    • City/State
    • Optional – School(s) Attended Prior to the Previous Seven Years (unless the position requires a degree)


We understand the evolving concern for data privacy and security. That’s why strict information handling and technology practices are employed to ensure the highest levels of data privacy and security. All information is contained in highly secure databases and is handled only by authorized and well-trained staff.

  • All data is secured by 128-bit encryption digital solutions and EFS encryption which provides the strongest online security for internet communications available.
  • Privacy protection standards are certified by TRUSTe.
  • All date of birth and Social Security numbers in shared reports are masked.
  • Comprehensive background checks are conducted on all employees as a condition of employment.
  • The facility that contains the information is a controlled access environment and is only accessible to authorized personnel.


Getting Started

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Hover over the images that are published below if you want to enlarge them. These images are only screenshots which look similar to the respective pages on the verification portal. You cannot link to the verification portal by clicking on the images that are published below.  The verification portal can be found here.  Asterisk (*) denotes required information.

 Begin by clicking on the "Get Started" icon at the bottom of the page.

Employment Verification -- Introduction

Basic Information

You’ll need several items of information, such as your name; date of birth; phone number; current address; and Social Security Number. 

Employment Verification -- Basic Information

Also include previous residential information for the last seven years, and any previous alternate names you may have used.  Once you have added this information, Click “Next Section” to move to the next page. 

Employment Verification -- Basic Information

Driver's License

If you are required to drive for the position you are applying for, you will need your Driver’s License information for this page. If you need to add information for a second license, click on the orange “Add License” icon to the right of the page.  Otherwise, click “Next Section” to move ahead.  (Note: If you need to go to a previous page, click “Previous Section” at the bottom left.)

Employment Verification -- Driver's License

Employment History

Enter all of your previous employment history for the past seven years on this page.  If you need to add additional employment, click on the orange “Add Employment” icon to the right of the page.  

Employment Verification -- Employment

You can also “Delete” or ”Update” previous employment that you may have entered by clicking on the icons to the right. Once you have added your employment information, click“Next Section” at the bottom of the page.

Employment Verification -- Employment Continued


Enter the following academic information:

  • Faculty Candidate - Highest degree achieved only.
  • Staff Candidate -  List all degrees awarded including those currently 'In Progress'

Click "Add Education" to enter more than one school.  Once you have finished, click “Next Section” to continue. 

Employment Verification -- Education


To process your application with Auburn University, an investigative consumer report (background check) may be conducted through a third-party consumer reporting agency.  More information about the background check is found on this webpage.

Employment Verification -- Disclosure

To sign the form authorizing the background check, use your mouse and click/hold mouse button to sign your name in the box. (See arrow.)  Then click the orange “Save” icon.  

Employment Verification -- Disclosure Continued


Check the information on this page to ensure it is accurate.  If not, click the “Back” button on the left side.  If everything is correct, click the “Complete” button on the right side of the page. 

Employment Verification -- Summary

Employment Verification -- Summary Continued

Last updated: 12/06/2016