Employee Recognition Program 2018

Dr. Leath speaks

Dr. Steven Leath, Auburn University President, commended AU employees for their contributions at the annual Employee Recognition Program which was held in May at the AU Hotel and Conference Center. 

More than 600 employees were recognized for reaching a service year milestone, earning an Auburn University degree, and/or being named a Spirit of Excellence recipient for 2017-18. 

“A lot of people would say that one of the crown jewels of Auburn, the crown jewel of the Auburn experience, is the experience that our students get,” Leath stated.  “There’s no doubt they get good instruction in the classroom.  But when you talk to the students, what really excites them about Auburn is the look of this campus, the feel of this campus, the way it functions, and the services they get.

“It’s really second to none. So from my perspective we don’t really have that crown jewel of Auburn without you.  You’re the ones that drive the crown jewel experience.  So when these kids come here and they leave here and accomplish great things, lead companies, make great innovations, they are doing that because of you. And I want you to know how appreciative I am of that, and how much we recognize that.”

Karla McCormick, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, also thanked employees for their service.

“Auburn is a large institution with roughly 5,000 benefits-eligible employees,” McCormick said. “Every job is important to the University achieving its ultimate mission, which is to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Alabama, and even beyond the state. This is an important and worthwhile mission for all of us to remember as we go about our jobs every day.”

Employees of the Year

Four Spirit of Excellence winners were recognized as Employees of the Year.  They are: David Musgrave, Tess Gibson, Candace Moore, and Kimberly Nichols.  They each received $3,000, which was primarily funded by the Auburn University Foundation.  Yearly winners are selected from the monthly Spirit of Excellence recipients. Each month, recipients are selected from the following categories: Administrative and Professional, Service and Maintenance, Office Administration, and Technical and Paraprofessional.  Nominate an employee.

Tess Gibson, Parent and Family Programs, Administrative and Professional

Tess GibsonGibson was described as a “tremendous professional – dedicated, hard-working, and impactful” who has helped reinvent parent programs on campus. In her role as a coordinator she has received several state and national awards.

Working with (Gibson) is a dream.  (She is) innovative with a passion for excellence that shows in all the work that (she does).”

Kimberly Nichols, Alumni Development and Support Services, Office Administration

Kim NicholsNichols demonstrates “excellence in performance” and “shows a willingness to be adaptable.”

(She) has taken on responsibilities well beyond what is typically expected in (her) role. As part of a relocation project, (she) spearheaded the event and made every effort to correct problems as they arose, insuring a smooth transition.  (She) also assisted in designing the cabinetry and storage devices needed to operate efficiently on a daily basis by all staff members.”

Candace Moore, Auburn University Facilities Management, Service and Maintenance

Candace MooreMoore, who has worked at Auburn for 24 years, is known for her consistent “bright, cheery smile.”

“No matter what is asked of this employee, it is done not only well but willingly.  This employee genuinely cares about the other employees they work with. …This employee loves helping others, is very outgoing and is a pleasure to be around.”

David Musgrave, Office of Information Technology, Technical/Paraprofessional

David MusgraveMusgrave has worked at Auburn for 16 years and was described as “dedicated and dependable.” He is currently the lead support person for AU Access and Banner 9

When any problems arise, and they do, (he is) quick to respond and will not rest until they are resolved. Since online web applications are expected to be available 24/7, (he) takes the initiative to monitor those systems after hours and on weekends and is quick to respond and intervene at the first sign of potential problems.”

Milestone Recipients

40-year recipients

Several individuals were recognized at the Employee Recognition Event for their 40+ years of service to Auburn. Honorees who are pictured include:

  • Diane Anderson, Research and Economic Development​

  • Cathy Clark, Human Resources​

  • Gail Edwards, Research and Economic Development

  • William McEachin, OIT​

William T. McEachin
S. D. Anderson
Gail M. Edwards
Lawrence C. Graham
Iris D. Kroncke
Catherine V. Clark

James R. Akers
James A. Clark
Patricia K. Galik
Atoska S. Gentry
Don P. Moore
Charles H. Ray
James C. Stephenson
Beverly W. Hughes

Kathy A. Harker
Antonia H. Hayden
Jonathan W. Cullars
Tracy D. Mask
Sam Hooks
Melissa M. Newton
Kenneth Sullins
Robbin C. Birmingham
William H. Lacy
Teresa J. Cannon
Robert M. Logan
Allison E. Church Bird
Mary J. Reece
Susan L. Davis
Diane E. Thorne
Kathryn S. Harmon
Julie S. Lin
Edna P. Tyson
Marsha S. Peters
George C. Konstant
Jonathan C. Davis
Margaret C. Lawrence
Arnold W. Caylor
Valda R. Crapps
Shasta B. Frederic

Keith D. Bailey
Paula W. Dale
Kathryn M. Flynn
Frank D. Henderson
Cathy Ogletree
Homer L. Stoker
Diana K. Turner
Keith L. Walton
Gregory S. Quinn
Ginger E. Anders
Lorene W. Carden
Phillip M. Davis
Patricia A. Deinnocentes
Billy W. Earle
Jack D. Fitzpatrick
Laurie K. Gann
Hirut Gifawosen
Ronald C. Gilbert
Angela J. Head
Laura J. Kloberg
Amy J. Krietemeyer
Mary Lin
Larry R. Stallings
Theresa M. Wood
John C. Quiring
David L. Robinson
Drusilla Stinson
Keith L. Walton
Mary J. Beck
Dody R. Cadenhead
Richard C. Dale
John R. Goodin
John D. Hartley
Kimberly N. Holloway
Delores J. Lewis
Mary Ann MacKenzie
Christina M. McClendon
Andrea C. Musso
Demetrius Scott
Wendy M. Sims
Ralph B. Spry
Ethel M. Stanley
Benjamin Thomas
Sarah A. Thomas
Steven E. Glennon
William W. Jackson
Jason E. Burkett
Zandra M. Davis
Debra A. Enebak
Harriette M. Huggins
Victor E. Jackson
John L. Jones
Timothy N. Knox
Trixie D. Langley
Hollie P. Lee
Dorothy W. Littleton
Terri M. McCoy
Michael E. Miller
Beverly A. Oliver
Tamikka S. Radford
Sherry Ray
Anita H. Robinson
Richard G. Ruff
Thomas A. Stokes
Geoffrey J. Thompson
Walter Tolbert
Sandra B. Vaughan
Linda M. Watkins
Kevin O. Watson
Bryan S. Wilkins
Iwona Wower
Julia K. Wright
Elizabeth K. Yarbrough
Mary L. Avery
Barbara Barnes
Kenneth S. Bledsoe
Fred Buchanan
Cynthia O. Caldwell-Jackson
Johnny C. Clark
Larry D. Cobb
Martha J. Combs
Cathy W. Cooper
Annette D. Ezell
David N. Howell
Kem Jackson
Lisa L. Jackson
Michael F. Moore
Richard R. Nelson
Kristi L. Norton
Linda L. Smith
Patricia Tarver
William A. Tatum
Mary Townsend
Charnita D. Wright
Catherine Lee
Mary K. Baird
Patricia H. Blackwell
Dan M. Bush
Susan B. Canaan
Verlicia J. Chamblin
Heather V. Crozier
Melissa F. Denney
Daniel P. Froehlich
Shelley W. Grider
Loretta F. Hooks
Eric T. Kleypas
Kathryn Y. McCollough
Cindy M. McGhee
Barbara D. Menifield
David W. Musgrave
James R. Petty
Allison E. Richardson
Leslie V. Rooker
Charles S. Saliba
Cynthia C. Selman
Cynthia L. Singley
Jennifer B. Young
Jun Zhu
Patricia S. Furr
Trey L. Lightner
Jill M. Martin
Thomas C. Sharpe
Lisa P. Brantly
Amy J. Bylsma
Dwight E. Cahela
Glen I. Chaplin
Karen L. Clark
Joe E. Cleere
Anna M. Cochran
Jamie S. Creamer
Juanita Y. Dowdell
Arthur L. Dowdell
Nancy N. Evans
Ramsis F. Farag
Keri M. Harrelson
David W. Hennessey
Robert A. Hensarling
Niki L. Johnson
Susan K. Kidd
Geneva D. King
Dumar D. Lapread
Barbara F. Lytle
Heather M. McGrady
Johnny R. Parker
Anthony J. Pendleton
Nancy T. Polhemus
Oleg M. Pustovyy
Timothy S. Riddle
Craig A. Ruff
Margaret D. Smith
Stephany E. Spencer
Sylvia O. Spratling
Mamie W. Thomas
Steven P. Tucker
Brenda J. Wilkerson
Bonnie L. Wilson
Brian A. Wright
Regina H. Bailey
Christi A. Burnley
Courtney Dowdell
Joseph A. Ellis
La Rue B. Godfrey
Deborah J. Heidepriem
Shane Johnson
Emmitt Kelly
Dianne B. Knight
Sandra D. Long
Lisa A. Martin
Johnny M. McDonald
Tammy A. Moore
Glenn P. Rodgers
Randy L. Rogers
Susan Salheiser
James M. Smith
Karen D. Spencer
Wayne Staley
James R. Stucky
Torrence L. Turk
James M. Walley
Russell A. Weldon
Jim K. Wills
Helen Y. Baggett
Dana M. Barber
Deirdre H. Beech
Marka W. Blackerby
Jennifer Butler
Sabra C. Carnes
Rodney G. Clark
Katherine H. Cole
Chance D. Corbett
Cynthia R. Diffie
Sheila J. Dorriety
Diana M. Foshee
Terri D. Fritts
Melanie N. Hogue
Jennifer B. Johnson
Lucy L. LaMar
Julia G. Llanes
David A. Mattox
Paula A. Mayo
Michelle B. Nemeroff
William A. Parker
Donna J. Sands
Jill F. Saucer
Mary R. Smith
Christine L. Steiger
Mark J. Stirling
Peggy H. Talley
Mark R. Thomson
Emma L. Thornton
Kathy A. Wilson
Robert W. Bradfield
Ann Marie T. DelSignore
Tyrone Durrell
Deborah A. Porter
Gavin D. Yates
Leigh A. Ballard
Stephen A. Barlow
Mehmet Z. Billor
Candis H. Birchfield
Lisa K. Black
Rene C. Bolivar
Karen S. Booker
Kathy B. Bugg
Lance C. Burdette
Lorraine A. Bush
Carolyn O. Campbell
Adam T. Chalkley
Karen R. Cochran
Regina C. Conradi
Michael T. Cortez
Matthew B. Crouch
Peggy A. Dagley
Danielle M. Funderburk
Christine Groccia
Crystal E. Gulledge
Janet L. Guynn
Jeanie P. Harry
William W. Henson
Elizabeth P. Hickman
Joel T. Hill
Tina W. Holloway
Justin E. Jackson
Shawn P. Jacobsen
Jarrod R. Jones
Cynthia R. Kelly
Beverly J. Lauraitis
Jennifer R. Lolley
Brandi M. Long
Jennifer M. Lovelace
Amanda D. Malone
Christopher P. Maloney
Kristy H. Mann
James R. Martin
Mark A. McClendon
Lori A. McLean
Jason M. Nelson
Chad H. Newbolt
John B. Newton
Paula K. Norrell
Barbara L. Norrell
Sheryl Parker
Lisa C. Parsons
Amelia H. Pendleton
Larry O. Pitts
Mikos J. Radford
Donna L. Roberts
Michael T. Robinson
Jane L. Rowe
Ruthanna B. Spiers
Leigh S. Stephens
Alicia D. Still
Nicholas L. Stockdale
Wayne D. Strickland
Tanya D. Stringer
Teresa G. Wagoner
Debra L. Watkins
James L. Watson
Julie D. Watts
Georgia A. White
Marian O. Williams
Ashley S. Winfree
Charles A. Woosley
Payal Agarwal
Abbie Jo B. Beaty
Kimberly A. Bledsoe
Jennifer D. Brown
Chance D. Corbett
Ronald A. Daniel
Nathaniel Evans
David H. Floyd
Kimberly K. Graham
Charles M. Greenlee
Gregory L. Harper
Adrian Howard
Michael P. Kay
Christina R. Knight
Jennifer H. Lashley
Roydrell L. Lawson
Alvin Ledbetter
John L. Lyons
Grant L. McDonald
Quinton J. Perry
Kellie R. Pesce
Kenneth J. Pitts
Mary A. Porter
Morris Randolph
James F. Ray
Thomas D. Scheiwe
Ramsaran Seetaram
Herman Stinson
Betty R. Terry
Virginia A. Vedder
John C. Vollor
James T. Watts
Christopher S. Wrighten
Valencia N. Yancy
Saundra R. Anthony
Jacquelyn K. Arnold
Margaret S. Arnold
Ginger I. Avery
Timothy P. Blackmon
Jessica L. Braswell
John C. Brooks
Jason P. Buckman
Cody W. Chaney
Victoria B. Coleman
Jason B. Cooper
Maria A. Estes
Tywaune T. Evans
Terri R. Flournoy
Stephanie B. Froehlich
Rodney D. Garner
Jennifer P. Gilliland
Lou D. Hamlet
James M. Helms
Charles J. Hincy
Albert T. Homburger
Jacob Z. Jordan
Jill E. Kebe
Tawnya E. Kirkland
Kristin Y. Maas
Benjamin A. Madsen
Stephanie K. Mattox
Kim C. McCurdy
Janet M. Miles
Shannon B. Murray
Tanjie M. Nash
Frances L. O'Gwynn
Jane D. Parker
Jeremy D. Peacock
Brandy P. Phillips
Jennifer A. Pinkard
Shelly L. Poe
Mandy N. Quinn
Tara L. Ramer
Meaghan L. Robertson
Robert M. Royston
Ryan S. Russell
Dawn M. Schueller
June Seob Shin
Jacqueline E. Smith
William Z. Springer
Gordon B. Thompson
Kali A. Tucker
Adrian O. Walters
Marion W. Welch
Timothy B. Whiteside
Zachary R. Willard
Lynetta Williams
Jon P. Wilson
Christina M. Coleman
Jessica R. Colley
Tyler G. Cooper
Dinah K. Decker
Branden L. Farmer
Timothy P. Gore
Haven L. Hart
Nicholas A. Head
Taylor R. Kamin
Travis D. Kidd
Glenn A. Loughridge
Susan R. McKeen
Jessica Lauren R. Newby
Daniel R. Overstreet
Lindsey S. Sharpe
Margaret B. Shirah
DaNavian S. Spratling
Christopher M. Anthony
Courtney E. Arnold
Darrick O. Artis
Jason K. Bailey
Patricia A. Bloser
Troy L. Brady
Robert S. Britton
Martha C. Brooks
Toby K. Brothers
Jacqueline J. Broussard
Jonathan M. Brown
Katherine M. Buck
Addye E. Buckley-Burnell
Dustin R. Burroughs
William E. Bush
Katherine S. Calloway
Wendy L. Cash
I Hsuan Chen
Joni M. Coffman
Janeva E. Cole
Davis S. Cooper
Amanda D. Decker
Christian J. Demyan
Penny J. Fant
Kelly M. Foltz
Kimberly B. Ford
Sue E. Fuller
Delaine M. Gibson
Talia R. Gillespie
Priscella A. Goodson
Elizabeth F. Gowan
Lisa A. Griffin
Amanda B. Griffith
Jonathan W. Gross
Jennifer C. Head
Maureen P. Henderson
Charlotte R. Hendrix
Larry H. Hoffman
Jeffrey L. Hollis
Robert F. Holm
Andrew W. Hopkins
Samantha J. Jackson
Jennifer M. Johnston
Kenneth B. Keith
Jennifer K. Keller
Karla J. Kirkemo
Jacqueline L. Kochak
Jeffrey M. Long
Emily M. Lumpkin
Adam R. Malone
Darren B. May
Tyler M. Mobley
Katey M. Nelson
Rachel P. Odomes
Michael T. Palmer
Kelley J. Prickett
Nicholas E. Pugh
Jennifer M. Salter
Guillaume P. Salze
Alexandre Samoylov
Rajesh R. Sawant
Dale Schrimsher
Carla E. Shoemaker
Christopher D. Smith
Angelina M. Smith
Simon M. Snyder
Paul T. Springfield
William R. Summers
Christy M. Tanner
Andrew L. Taylor
Tasheila W. Townsend
Jason E. Wyatt
John W. Yarbrough
Lei Yu
Melissa A. Agresta
Preston M. Arwood
Ronald L. Burgess
Mark G. Carroll
Sara H. Collins
Joshua R. Conradson
Malcolm L. Dailey
Margaret L. Devall
Lisa C. Florence
Jim E. Fuller
Jessica A. Gardner
Matthew M. Geer
Dee Anne D. Gillespie
Richard C. Guether
John T. Hand
Vickie M. Horne
Kenneth P. Howard
Deborah R. Koon
Judd M. Langham
Michael B. Large
Contina P. McCall
William J. McDonald
William E. Moorer
Wayne T. Mullins
Debbie J. Murphy
Wendy K. Peacock
Mandy N. Quinn
Clay D. Ritenbaugh
Matthew J. Sanders
Stephen R. Seifert
Catherine N. Situma
Matthew B. Skinner
Jeremy J. Wilson

April 2017

  • Amy Lynn Hutchins, English, Office Admin
  • Candace E. Moore, Custodial Services, Service/Maintenance
  • Don Andrae, Parking Services, Admin/ Prof
  • Clay D. Ritenbaugh, Information System Supp, Technical/Paraprof

May 2017

  • Brenda Mahone Ray, Library, Office Admin
  • Donald R. Hornsby Jr., Mechanical Shop, Service/Maintenance
  • Elizabeth W. Scarborough, Ag Administration, Admin/Prof

June 2017

  • Ashley S. Pangle, Ag Administration, Office Admin
  • Zachary C. Channell, HVAC Tech II, Service/Maintenance
  • Brian W. Brown, Student Services Coord III, Admin/Prof


July 2017

  • Satrina L. Kelley-Jordan, Ag Administration, Office Admin
  • Travis P. Tally, Carpentry Shop, Service/Maintenance
  • Lerone H. Joseph, Residence Life, Admin/Prof


August 2017

  • Barbara J. Yates, Office-Academic Supervisor, Office Admin
  • Joseph E. Carlson, Associate Registrar, Admin/Prof
  • Mildred B. Tye, Spec VI, Info Tech, Technical/Paraprof


September 2017

  • Kimberly W. Nichols, Info Mgt Systems for Alum, Office Admin
  • Barbara Barnes, Parking Services, Service/Maintenance
  • Eric C. Smith, Health-Promotions-Wellness, Admin/Prof
  • Angela A. Dorman, Office of Information Tech, Technical/Paraprof


October 2017

  • Michele P. Smith, Biological Sciences, Office Admin
  • Fawn Willis, Undergraduate Studies, Admin/ Prof


November 2017

  • Joe E Cleere, Library, Office Admin
  • James L. Johnson, Biosystems Engineering, Admin/Prof


December 2017

  • Priscilla R. Little, Student Counseling Services, Office Admin
  • Britain Chase Bowen, Student Media, Admin/Prof


January 2018

  • Melanie B. Brown, Philosophy, Office Admin
  • Leigh Ann Ballard, Executive Coordinator, Admin/Prof


February 2018

  • Lochlyn Knight, Foreign Language, Office Admin
  • Michael Moore, Landscape Services, Service/Maintenance
  • Teresa Gibson, Family Program, Admin/Prof
  • David Musgrave, OIT, Technical/Paraprof


March 2018

  • Megan N. Gamache, Office of University Writing, Office Admin
  • Paul T. John, Project Construction, Service/Maintenance
Last updated: 02/05/2019